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including Census Substitutes

By Year


Census of Ireland 1901/1911 - The National Archives of Ireland
Census Strays - 15,000 names in U.K. and rest of the world - North of Ireland Family History Society
The Down Survey of Ireland - Trinity College, Dublin
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Census Subsititutes - Irish Ancestors/The Irish Times
List of Census and Census Substitute links - CIGO website
PRONI - Freeholder's Records
The Tithe Applotment Books - The National Archives of Ireland 'Genealogy' website
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages - Census and Census Substitutes
By Year
* 1654 - 1656: The Civil Survey A.D. 1654–56
   - The Civil Survey, County of Tipperary - Vol I
     Eastern and Southern Baronies
   - The Civil Survey, County of Tipperary - Vol II
     Western and Northern Baronies
    By Robert C. Simington (Dublin, 1931 - 1945) - AAI - Short review of these books on AAI

The Civil Survey - Vols I - X

    Vol. I County of Tipperary - Eastern and Southern Baronies
    Vol. II County of Tipperary - Western and Northern Baronies with the return of crown and church lands for the whole county
    Vol. III Counties of Donegal, Londonderry and Tyrone with the returns of church lands for the three counties
    Vol. IV County of Limerick with a section of Clanmaurice barony Co. Kerry
    Vol. V County of Meath with returns of tithes for the Meath baronies
    Vol. VI County of Waterford with appendices: Muskerry barony Co. Cork; Kilkenny City and Liberties (part); also valuations c. 1663–64 for Waterford and Cork cities
    Vol. VII County of Dublin
    Vol. VIII County of Kildare
    Vol. IX County of Wexford
    Vol. X Miscellanea incl. General Introduction; Barony Boundaries; Civil Survey of the Barony of Louth, Co. Louth; Index of Persons; Index of Places
   By Robert C. Simington (1931 - 1961) - IMC

* 1659

   - A Census of Ireland, circa 1659
     with Supplementary Material from the Poll Money Ordinances 1660 - 1661
     By Séamus Pender, M.A. (Dublin, 1939) - IMC

* 1690's

   - An Account of the Houses and Hearths in Dublin, for the years following
     [page 518 of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London]
   - An Account of the Number of People in the Counties of Ardmagh, Lowth, and Meath, and City of Dublin
     With an estimate of the number of People that were in the Kingdom of Ireland, 10 Jan 1695/6; [page 520]
   - An Account of the Romish Clergy
     According to a return made in 1698; [pages 521, 522]
   - A List of all the Seamen, Fishermen, Boatmen in the Kingdom of Ireland
     according to a return made in 1697; Whereof Papists; [page 519]
     Communicated by Capt. South (Proceedings of the Royal Society, London, 1700) - IA

* 1803: Statistical Essay on the Population and Resources of Ireland

   reprint from the Paris Argus 1803
   By William J. Mac Neven (New York, 1807) - OL

* 1813, 1821

    A Letter to The Rev. T.R. Malthus, M.A., F.R.S.
   to which is added an Examination of the Censuses of Great Britain and Ireland; table showing population in 1813 and 1821
   By David Booth (London, 1823) - OL

* 1821:
   Abstract of Population of Ireland
   Online Historical Population Reports

* 1821, 1831, 1841:

   Census of Ireland
   The Dublin University Magazine (Dublin, May, 1844 No CXXXVII Vol. XXIII) - IA - Transcription - LI

* 1831:

   Abstract of Population of Ireland
   Online Historical Population Reports

* 1831, 1841:

   - The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1844 - 45 Vol I A - C - N - Z, Index
     comparing the Census results of 1841 with 1831
     Published by A. Fullarton and Co (Dublin, London, Edinburgh, 1846) -OL

* 1837: Map of Ireland showing by the Varieties of Shading the Comparative Density of the Population
   to accompany the Report of the Railway Commissioners
   James Gardner; Henry Drury Harness (London? 1837) - BSL

* 1841:

   Abstract of Population of Ireland
   Online Historical Population Reports

* 1851:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports
   - The British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review
     Review on the Census of Ireland for 1851
     By Unknown author (London, 1857) - GB

* 1861:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports
   - Fraser's Magazine for Town and County
     including "A Few Words on the Census of Ireland"
     By W O'C. M. (London, 1861) - GB
   - The Irish Church Directory for 1865
     Extracts from the 1861 Census Commissioner's Report
     Compiled by James Charles (Dublin, 1865) - HT
   - Thom's Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
     Section on Census of the People 1861
     Printed by Alexander Thom (For Private Circulation, Dublin, 1868) - GB
   - Thom's Almanac and Official Directory, 1862
     1861 Census: Decline in the Population of Ireland - Transcription - LI
* 1871:
   -  Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports

* 1881:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports

* 1891:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports

* 1901:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports
   - Census of Ireland, 1901 - Summary Tables
     HMSO (1903) - IA

* 1911:

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports
   - Agricultural Census
     appendix to 'Ireland : Vital Hour'
     By Arthur Lynch, M.P. (Philadelphia, 1915) - OL
   - The Irish Catholic Directory and Almanac for 1920
      Includes chapter on the 1911 Census of Ireland
     Permissu Superiorum (1920) - OL

* 1922:

   - Irish Free State Army Census
     Listing of military personnel, their post, rank, age, religion, marital status, home address, name and address of next of kin; searchable index to follow
     By Official Military Archives (Dublin, 2012) - website

* 1926:

   - Abstract of Population of Northern Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports
   - Jews in the Census of Irish Free State
     Listed in 'Statistics of Jews - 1929' from American Jewish Yearbook 
     By H. S. Linfield, Ph.D. (U.S.A., 1929) - website - note on the 'Jews of Northern Ireland' missing from this extract

* 1937
   - Abstract of Population of Northern Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports

* 1946

   - Abstract of Population of Ireland
     Online Historical Population Reports

The Census and Some of Its Uses
   Chapter on the Census of Ireland; The Census (Ireland) Act, 1920
   By George T. Bisset-Smith, F.S.S. (Edinburgh, 1921) - IA

* The Elements of Population in Down and Antrim - Continuation

   Illustrated by the Statistics of Religious Belief - Jan 1, 1859
   JSTOR extract from The Ulster Journal of Archaeology (Belfast 1859) - IA

Report of the O'Connell Monument Committee
   some pages blurred but with original cover
Report of the O'Connell Monument Committee
   better copy but without cover; lengthy lists of subscribers (about 10,000 names)
   By Very Rev. John Canon O'Hanlon, P.P. (Dublin, 1888) - OL

The Septs Vol 27 No. 1
   Census Substitutes
   Irish Genealogical Society, International (St. Paul, Minnesota, 2006) - FHB

An entrance to Smithfield Market, Dublin
(Photograph by 'PJC')

Commerce and Industry
For commercial directories see Almanacs and Directories
Index of Old Occupations - Hall Genealogy Website
Introduction to Business Records held by PRONI
Limerick Chamber of Commerce - 1807 - 1946 - on-line archive - LCC
Members of the Earliest Chambers of Commerce: Dublin 1783-6; Belfast 1783; Waterford 1787 - 96, 1805, 1815; Londonderry 1793; Limerick 1807-15; Cork 1814, 1819-22 - University of Cambridge, Department of Geography 
* The 10th Annual Report and Transactions of the Royal Society for the Promotion and Improvement of the Growth of Flax in Ireland
   (Belfast, 1850) - IA

An Account of the Proceedings of the Merchants... concerned in the Wool and Woolen Trade

   of Great Britain in their Application to Parliament, that the Laws respecting the Exportation of Wool might not be altered, in arranging the Union with Ireland... 'the very serious and alarming consequences to be apprehended from a Repeal of the Laws Probihiting the Exportation of Wool...
    By John Maitland, Chairman (London, 1800) - OL

* Agricultural Statistics, Ireland, 1914

   Report and Tables relating to Irish Agricultural Labourers
   HMSO (London, 1915) - OL

The Commercial Restraints of Ireland

   with a Sketch of the Author's Life, etc. by W.G. Carroll, M.A.
   By John Hely Hutchinson, Provost of Trinity College (Dublin, original 1779, re-edited 1882) - OL

* Co-operation in Ireland
   the agricultural co-operative movement in Ireland
   By Lionel Smith-Gordon, M.A.; Cruise O'Brien, M.A. (Manchester, 1921) - OL

* The Cotton Famine of 1862 - 1863

   with some sketch of the proceedings that took place in connection with the Lisburn relief committee
   By Unknown author (Belfast, London, 1881) - OL

* The Economics of Ireland and the Policy of the British Government

   with an Introduction by Francis Hackett
   By George W. Russell ("AE") (New York, 1921) - OL

* English Interference with Irish Industries

   By J. G. Swift MacNeill, M.A. (London, 1886) - OL

* First Report of the Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland

   Includes list of Council and list of attendees at a public meeting
   Printed for the Society by John Hoare (Dublin, 1841) - HT

Flax and its Products in Ireland
   By William Charley, J. P. (London, 1862) - OL

* Gleanings in Ireland; Particularly respecting its Agriculture, Mines, and Fisheries
   By R. Fraser, Esq. (London, 1802) - IA

* Glimpses of Irish Industries

   Railway, Banking, Lace, Poplin, Wollens, Afforesting etc.
   By J. Bowles Daly, LL.D. (London, 1889) - OL

Guide to the Irish Industrial Village and Blarney Castle

   The Exhibit of the Irish Industries Association at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
   By Various authors (Chicago, 1893) - OL

The Hand Loom Linen Weavers of Ireland and their Work
   Irish Hand-Woven Linen Damask - How and Why it is Distinguished
   By Irish Hand-woven Linen Damask Co (Chicago, 1908) - OL

* The History of Banking in Ireland
   By James William Gilbart (London 1836) - HT

* A History of the Commercial and Financial Relations between England and Ireland from the Period of the Restoration

   By Alice Effie Murray, D.Sc. (Lond.) (London, 1903) - OL

* A History of the Royal Dublin Society

   with illustrations
   By Henry F. Berry, I.S.O., Litt.D. (London, 1915) - OL

Industrial Dublin since 1698; the Silk Industry in Dublin

   Two Essays
   By J. J. Webb, M.A., LL.B. (Dublin, London, 1913) - OL

* Ireland - Industrial and Agricultural
   Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland (Dublin, 1902) - OL

The Irish Linen Trade Hand-Book and Directory

   By F. W. Smith (Belfast, 1876) - IA

* Irish Wool and Woollens

   Passages from the History of the Staple Trade
   By S.A. (Dublin, 1882) - OL

* The Landord's and Agent's Practical Guide

   By T. de Moleyn (Dublin, 1860) - GB

* Letterkenny Railway Company

   Report of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
   By E. M'Laughlin (Londonderry, 1863) - IA

Mansion House (London) Exhibition of Irish Lace 1883

   A History of the Industry with Illustrations and a Map showing the Districts where the Lace is Produced
   By Unknown author (London, 1883) - OL

* Modern Irish Trade and Industry

   By E. J. Riordan (New York, 1920) - OL

* Observations upon the State of Currency in Ireland

   and upon the Course of Exchange between Dublin and London
   By Henry Parnell, Esq. (3rd Ed. Dublin, 1804) - OL

Official Catalogue of the Great Industrial Exhibition 1853

   2nd Edition
   Royal Dublin Society (Dublin, 1853) - OL, GB

Report by the Directors of the Provincial Bank of Ireland

   with a list of Directors, Office Bearers ... and Proprietors (shareholders)
   Provincial Bank (London, 1833) - IA

* Report on a Proposed Line of Railway

   being the first division of a main trunk to the South and South-West of Ireland, including a Branch therefrom to Athy and Carlow
   By John MacNeill, LL.D., F.R.S., Civil Engineer (Dublin, 1843) - IA

* Savings Banks in Ireland

   extract from 'The Savings Banks in England, Wales, and Ireland'
   By John Tidd Pratt, Esq. (London, 1834) - OL

* Simon's Essay on Irish Coins

   with Mr. Snellings Supplement; including traders' tokens
   By James Simon, Thomas Snelling, John Lindsay (Dublin, 1810) - GB

Traders' Tokens of the Seventeenth Century 
   Section on Ireland   
   By George C. Williamson (London, 1891) - IA - This book is the eBook of the Month for September, 2012 - see Main Index for short review

U.S. Economic Role in the Peace Process in Northern Ireland

   Hearing before the Committee on International Relations - House of Representatives
   U.S. Government Printing Office (Washington, D.C., 1995) - OL


* Reports and Returns Relating to Evictions in the Kilrush Union
   County Clare
   Presented to Houses of Parliament (London, 1849) - digitised by University of Southampton


Ireland - By County
Overseas - By Country

Belfast City Cemetery, Dundonald Cemetery, Roselawn Cemetery including Jewish section - Belfast City Council - Burial Records
Ballymena Council, Larne Council, Moyle Council - everafter
Irish Genealogy Projects - Antrim Cemetery Records - Armagh Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
     rubbing of the arms on tombstones; Ulster Journal of Arechaeolgoy, Vol VI; continued pp. 90, 162, 231 and subsequent vol(s) (see Journals - General)
     By Francis Joseph Bigger; Herbert Hughes (Belfast, 1900) - OL
   - Carnmoney Cemetery, Co. Antrim
     Inscriptions of Jewish Graves - website
   - Gleanings in Northern Church-Yards
     The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858 - 1859
     By Rev. George H. Reade (Dublin, 1859) - OL
   - The Jewish Burial Plot at Belfast City Cemetery
     History from Headstones
     By Ulster Historical Foundation (Belfast, 2009) - Website

Craigavon Council - everafter
Irish Genealogy Projects - Armagh Cemetery Records - Armagh Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages


From Ireland photographs: Clonegal Graveyard - Fennagh CofI Graveyard
interment.net: County Carlow Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects: Carlow Gravestone Inscriptions - Carlow Headstone Photos
   Compiled by 'The Bagenalstown Youth Works' in 1985, John Doran, Foreman (Co. Carlow, 2001) - Rootsweb


Graveyards - HistoricGraves
interment.net - County Cavan Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Cavan Cemetery RecordsCavan Headstone Photos


From Ireland photogrpahs: Bodyke Graveyard - Broadford Graveyard - Clonlara Graveyard - Kilbane Graveyard - Killinure Graveyard - Tulla Graveyard
Graveyards - HistoricGraves
interment.net - County Clare Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Clare Cemetery Records - Clare Headstone Photos


Cemetery Records - Cork City and County Archives
From Ireland photographs: Adrigole Graveyard - Bantry Graveyard -  Glengarriff Graveyard - Kilcaskin Graveyard
Historic Graves - Cork
interment.net - County Cork Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Cork Cemetery RecordsCork Headstone Photos
   - BOYLE: An account of the present state of Youghal Church, including Memorials of the Boyles
     The college and Sir Walter Raleigh's House; extract from 'The Topographer and Genealogist - Vol II' 
     By P.W.D. (London, 1853) - OL
   - LION: Bishop Lion's Chapel and Tombstone at Cork
     extract from 'An Olla Podrida; or, Scraps Numismatic, Antiquarian, and Literary - Vol II'
     By Richard Sainthill (For Private Distribution Only, London, 1853) - OL
   1. Relics of Buttevant Abbey; 2. Gravestones in Christ Church, Cork
     extracts from 'An Olla Podrida; or, Scraps Numismatic, Antiquarian, and Literary'
     By Richard Sainthill (For Private Distribution Only, London, 1844) - OL


Coleraine Council, Derry City Council, Maghera Council - everafter
interment.net - Londonderry County Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - County Derry Cemetery Project - Derry Cemeteries Records - Derry Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
   - HEATH: Monumental Inscription on Marble Tablet in Fahan Church
     William Heath, Rear Admiral; extract from Heathiana
     By Sir William Richard Drake, F.S.A. (Privately printed London, 1881) - IA


interment.net - County Donegal Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Donegal Cemetery Records - Donegal Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages

Notice on the gate, Inch Parish Graveyard (Church of Ireland), Downpatrick, Co. Down
(Photograph by 'PJC')


Churches and Graveyards of Co. Down  - Ros Davies' website
Irish Genealogy Projects - Down Cemetery Records - Down Headstone Photos
Roselawn and Dundonald Cemeteries - Belfast City Council - Burial Records
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
Note: for Belfast - see Antrim
   - The Crozier Memorial
     at Banbridge
     Printed for the Committee of the Crozier Memorial (Dublin, 1859) - OL - Francis Crozier in: Wikipedia
   Knockbreda - its Monuments and People
     Beautifully produced brochure by The Follies Trust
     Edited by Lydia Wilson (Belfast, 2007?) - The Follies Trust website
   Some Notes on the Architectural and Monumental Remains of the Old Abbey Church of Bangor in the County of Down
     Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. VI; continued in subsequent vol(s) (See Journals - General)
     By Francis Joseph BiggerHerbert Hughes (Belfast, 1900) - OL

Dublin Graveyards Directory - DublinHeritage.ie
Historic Graves - Dublin
interment.net - County Dublin Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Dublin Cemetery Records - Dublin Headstone Photos
Mount Jerome Cemetery and Crematorium - Graves of Historic Interest - Graves of Architectural Interest
   - 1916 Rising - Bodies Interred at Glasnevin (250), Mount Jerome (24), and Dean's Grange (49) Cemeteries
     extract from the Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook
     By The Weekly Irish Times (Dublin, 1917) - OL

St Michan's, Dublin
(The rear of the church faces the road)
(Photograph by 'PJC')

   - An Account of the Antiseptic Vaults beneath S. Michan's Church, Dublin

     By Arthur Vicars, F.S.A. (Dublin, 1888) - OL - St. Michan's Church in: Wikipedia
   Brass: South Transept Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
     Image of the brass to 2nd and 3rd sonnes of the Right Hon. Sir Arthvre Grey, Knight; from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol III; see note on p. 451
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1874) - OL - Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin in: Wikipedia
   Bully's Acre and Royal Hospital Kilmainham Graveyards: History and Inscriptions
     By Sean Murphy (Dublin, 1989) - CIGHS - Bully's Acre, Dublin in: Wikipedia
   Graves of Historical Interest in Dean's Grange Cemetery
     Opened in 1865
     By Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (Dun Laoghaire, 2011) - Council Website - Deans Grange Cemetery in: Wikipedia
   A Guide through Glasnevin Cemetery
     By Unknown author (1879) - IA - Glasnevin Cemetery in: Wikipedia
   Historic Graves in Glasnevin Cemetery
     By R. J. O'Duffy (1915) - IA
   History of the Dublin Catholic Cemeteries
     By William J. Fitzpatrick, LL.D. (1900) - OL
   Inscriptions ... in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
     On the Monuments, Mural Tablets, etc.
     By Rev. John Finlayson, A.M. (1878) - OL
   Map of Prospect Cemetery Glasnevin
     Indicating burial places of Noted Persons and Communities. And containing some Illustrations
     By Dublin Cemeteries Committee (1904) - IA
   Memorial Inscriptions from St. Catherine's Church and Graveyard, Dublin
     By Sean Murphy (Dublin, 1987) - CIGHS - St. Catherine's Church, Dublin (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
   A Note on some Old Dublin Cemeteries and Burial Practices in Penal Times
     By Sean Murphy, M.A. (Dublin, 1985) - Ancestry Ireland
   St. James's Graveyard, Dublin - History and Associations
     By St. James's Graveyard Project (Dublin, 1988) - CIGHS - St. James' Church, Dublin (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
   St. Mary's Graveyard (Wolftone Park), Dublin, North Inner City
     General History and Description
     By UCD (Dublin, undated) - Website
   - SCHOMBERG: Schomberg's Monument
     in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin not in Westminster Abbey
     By Abhba Notes and Queries Series 2 no. 7 (London, 1856) - IA
   -  Treatment of St. Mary's Churchyard, Dublin
     discussion; photgraphs
     By Sean Murphy (Ireland, 2006) personal website

Fermanagh Council - everafter
Irish Genealogy Projects - Cemeteries - Fermanagh Cemetery Records - Fermanagh Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
Enniskillen Long Ago
   An Historical Sketch of the Parish of "Inishkeene, in Lacu Ernensi" now called Enniskillen in the Diocese of Clogher; Monuments, Mural Tablets, Memorial Window, Tombstones; Index
   By W. H. Bradshaw, A.M. (Dublin, 1878) - IA


Historic Graves - Galway
Irish Genealogy Projects - Galway Cemetery Records - Galway Headstone Photos
Galway County Council - North East Galway
Abbey of Ross (Co. Galway) Families Interred in the Abbey
   By Oliver J. Burke, A.B.T.C.D. (Dublin, 1869)
- Tuam - Burial Ground Plot Book 21 Oct 1882 - 31 Dec 1902 - GCC
- Tuam - Burial Ground Plot Book (new cemetery) 30 Dec 1902 - 16 Feb 1920 - GCC


From Ireland photographs: Bonane GraveyardFeaghna Graveyard
Irish Genealogy Projects - Kerry Cemetery Records - Kerry Headstone Photos
Rootsweb Burial/Death Records Organised by Barony
     a chapter from Selections of Old Kerry records
     By Mary Agnes Hickson (London, 1872) - OL
   - Kerry Graveyard Records
     140 Kerry Local Authority Cemeteries, 168 Books scanned, 70,000 burial records indexed
     By Kerry Local Authorities (Retrieved 14 Jan 2012) - To view these books visit: Kerry Local Authorities - Graveyard Records

From Ireland photographs: Athy Graveyard - Crosskeys GraveyardHarristown GraveyardKilberry CofI Graveyard - Kilberry Old GraveyardKildare Town Graveyard - Knavinston Graveyard - Monasterevan GraveyardRathangan Graveyard
Historic Graves - Kildare
interment.net - County Kildare Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Cemetery Transcriptions for Kildare - Kildare Cemetery Records - Kildare Headstone Photos


From Ireland - photographs: County Kilkenny Graveyards
Historic Graves - Kilkenny
interment.net - County Kilkenny Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Kilkenny Cemetery Records - Kilkenny Headstone Photos
   - Epitaphs on the Tombs in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny
     By John O'Phelan (Dublin, 1813) - FHB
   Monumental Antiquities
     extract from 'The History, Architecture and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny'
     By the Rev. James GravesJohn G Augustus Prim (Dublin, 1857) - IA

LAOIS (formerly QUEEN'S)

From Ireland photographs: County Laois Graveyards
Historic Graves - Laois
interment.net - County Laois Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Graveyard Inscriptions - Laois (Queens) Cemetery Records - Laois (Queen's) Headstone Photos


Historic Graves - Leitrim
interment.net - Leitrim Cemetery Records - Leitrim Headstone Photos


From Ireland photographs: City Fair Green Graveyard - Limerick City GraveyardSt. Lawrence's Graveyard, Limerick City - St. Mary's CofI Graveyard, Limerick City
Historic Graves - Limerick
Irish Genealogy Projects - County Limerick Records - Limerick Cemetery Records - Limerick Headstone Photos
   - Mount St. Lawrence Burial Register - Books 1 - 4 1855 - 2008 - New Extension 1960 - 2010
     early records are handwritten copies
     Archives of Limerick City Council - (Limerick, various dates) - LCC (DjVu viewer required, free download)




interment.net - County Longford Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Longford Cemetery Records - Longford Headstone Photos
   - Ardagh at Old Church of Ireland
     County Longford Graveyard Inventory
     By Jimmy Lennon (Longford, 2005) - Longford County Library Website

Round Tower and Graveyard, Dromiskin, Co. Louth
(Photograph by 'PJC')

J. B. Hall website - Collon and Dundalk Church Burials
interment.net - County Louth Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Louth Cemeteries - Louth Headstone Photos
J.B. Hall website - Name Index to Some County Louth Tombstone Inscriptions
   - St. Peter's Cemetery, Drogheda
     pages from a book
     By Unkown author (Drogheda, 1993) - website

The Ruins of 14th century Mullagh Chapel and Graveyard, Clogherhead, Co. Louth
(Photograph by 'PJC')

interment.net - County Mayo Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Cemetery Index for County Mayo Ireland - Mayo Cemetery Records - Mayo Headstone Photos
Family History in Ballycastle and N.E. County Mayo - Headstones in North County Mayo
   - The Fallen
     Mayo people who died in wars: United Nations, World War I, World War 2, Irish Guards, Australia, Korean War, Vietnam War
     By Mayo Memorial Peace Park (Mayo, 2008) - Website

Historic Graves - Meath
interment.net - County Meath Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Meath Cemetery Records - Meath Headstone Photos
   - Survey of St. John's Graveyard, Kells
     from Riocht na Midhe - Journal of Meath Archaeological and Historical Society Vol XVIII - p, 136
     By The Society (Meath, 2007) - FHB


Historic Graves - Monaghan
Irish Genealogy Projects - Monaghan Cemetery Records - Monaghan Headstone Photos
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
- SHIRLEY: Monumental Cross at Lough Fea
   at the family house at Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan in memory of Evelyn John Shirley, Esq.; extract from 'Lough Fea'
   By Unknown author (2nd Ed. printed privately, London, 1869) - OL - Evelyn Shirley in: Wikipedia

OFFALY (formerly KING'S)
From Ireland photographs: Ballymacmurragh Graveyard - Bracknagh Graveyard - Dunkerrin CofI Graveyard - Killeigh Old Graveyard - Roscomroe Graveyard
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   - County Roscommon's Graveyards
     Summary of County Roscommon Graveyard Survey
     An action of the County Roscommon Heritage Plan (Roscommon, 2004 - 2008) - Council Website
   The Memorials of St. Coman's Church of Ireland Graveyard, Roscommon
     By Roscommon County Council (Roscommon, 2010) - Website

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Historic Graves - Tipperary
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   - The Tomb in Holy Cross Abbey
     Letter to the Editor from William Betham in which he states the tomb is that of Elizabeth, dau. of Gerald, Earl of Kildare and first wife of James the fourth Earl of Ormond and NOT the Countess of Desmond or any of her family
     Extract from The Penny Journal (Dublin, 1830's) - IA


Irish Genealogy Projects - Tyrone Cemetery Records - Tyrone Headstone Photos


Historic Graves - Waterford
Irish Genealogy Projects - Waterford Cemetery Records - Waterford City and County Headstones - Waterford Headstone Photos
   - O'NEILL: The O'Neills of Ballyneal
     Transcription of an O'Neill tomb inscription; Journal of the Waterford and South East of Ireland Archaeological Society
     By Editor (Waterford, 1906) - OL


interment.net - County Westmeath Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Westmeath Cemetery Records - Westmeath Headstone Photos
   - WALSH: Walsh Family
     Old Churchyard, Drum, Athlone; from 'Fragmenta Genealogica'
    By Valentine John Hussey-Walsh (50 copies at my Private Press, London, 1901) - IA


interment.net - County Wexford Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Wexford Cemetery Records - Wexford Headstone Photos
   - The Whitty Monument in the Ruined Church of Kilmore, County of Wexord
     Includes pedigree; The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland
     By M. J. Whitty (Dublin, 1871) - OL


From Ireland photographs: Moyacomb Graveyard
interment.net - County Wicklow Cemetery Records
Irish Genealogy Projects - Wicklow Cemetery Records Wicklow Headstone Photos

   - Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland
     Vol I 1888 - 89 - 90 - 91
     Vol II Part I -   Vol II Part 2 1892 - 93 - 94
     Vol III No. I - Vol III No. II - Vol III No. 3 1895 - 96 - 97
     Vol III No. III 1897
     Vol IV No. I 1898 - 99 - 1900
     Vol V No I Part I 1901 - 02 - 03
     Vol VI No. I Part I  - Vol VI No. 2 Part II - Vol VI No. 3 Part I 1904 - 05 - 06
     Vol VII No I Part IVol VII No. 2 Part I - Vol VII Part II 1907 - 08 - 09
     Vol VIII Part I - Vol VIII Part II 1910 - 11 - 12
     Vol VIII No. 3 1911
     Vol IX No 6 1916
     Reports by Counties
     Col P .D. Vigors, Vice Prest. R.S.A.I., Rev. J. F. M. Ffrench, V.P. R.S.A.I., M.R.I.A. (1888 - 1916) - IA, FHB - Review of Vol. VI, Parts 1 and 2 (Dublin, 1906) in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, London

   - Horseman, Pass By: Irish-Australian Gravestones
     By Dr. Trevor McClaughlin (Belfast? 1993) - Website
   - Plaques unveiled by Friends of the Historical Irish Catholic Cemetery of the Logan Agricultural Reserve
     By Mark McCabe (Logan City, QLD., 2008) - City Council Website


   - English Inscriptions in the Cemetery, Ostend and at Ghistelles
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol. V 3rd Series
     - Lt. Col. Henry C. STREATFIELD, 87 Royal Irish Fusileers
     - Robert Patrick O'HARA of Raheen, Co. Galway
     By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1904) - OL
   - Sepulchral Memorials of the English at Bruges
     extracts from 'Topographer and Genealogist - Vol II'
     In the Church of Notre Dame:
      - (from Latin) John LEY, Kilkenny son of Nicholas and Anna LANGTON; who's 1st wife Margaret BUTLER, dau. of James BUTLER and Xaveriae F'GERALD of Kilkenny; 2nd wife Margareta WELSH, dau. of John WELSH and Anastasia TREHEE; also 6 children and the previously mentioned CatherineXaveriae and Nicholas and previously mentioned MariaMariana and Margareta; left this life 1747
     - (from Latin) James LYNCH, Esq., son of Henry LYNCH, Esq. a faithful Catholic of Galway, 1793 aged 77 erected by Anastasia JOYES and Jasper JOYES, Esq.
     In the General Cemetery (probably Protestant):
     - Col. Sir George JACKSON, Bart. of Fork Hill, Co. Armagh
     - Thomas Roger PALMER, Esq., 2nd son of Sir William PALMER, Bart. of Castle Lacken, Co. Mayo, 1825
     - Francis KIRKPATRICK, Esq. of Rathmore, Co. Wicklow, 1818, in his 60th year
     - Samuel TAYLOR, 2nd son of Samuel TAYLOR, Esq. and Jane GREEN; b. Dublin 1819, d. at the college of Ypres, 1835
     - Francis WHYTE, Esq. of Redhills, Co. Cavan, 1835; Arms
     - Eliza WHYTE, widow of Francis WHYTE, Esq. 1843; Margaret their dau. 1839
     - Right Hon. Lady Margaret Augusta DILLON, dau. of John SMYTH, 10th Earl of Clanricarde and relict of Luke DILLON, Esq. brother of Robert 1st Lord CLONBROCK; 1837 aged 82
     In the Protestant Cemetery at Caen
     - The Right Hon. Major-General John Thomas Fitzmaurice, Lord Muskerry, of Springfield Castle, Co. Limerick, b. 1777, d. 1824
   - Sepulchral Memorials of the English at Bruges - continuation
     also in Church of Notre Dame, chapel of Blandelin a cabinet with shields: 1st shield Preston; 2nd shield Fitzwilliam (not the viscounts of Ireland), 3rd shield Geraldyn, 4th shield Finglas; epitaph on cabinet: Van Mher Jan Antoine PRESTON, Viscounte de Tarrach (with pedigree and notes)
     - Prosser family (with arms)
     - De Morphy family, Don Joan de Morphy 'iersche infanterie' (arms and footnotes); further inscription for De Morpny in the Cathedral of St. Donat (p.484)
     Church of St. Jaques:
     - mention of Lieutenant-Colonel Mathew Hore of Shandon, Co. Waterford, M.P. in 1689 whose dau. Maria Hore was wife of John Nicholas Porter
   - Sepulchral Memorials of the English at Bruges - continuation II
     in the Church of the English Austin Nuns:
     - Lady Mary Herbert mar. 1st Hon. Richard Molyneux eldest son of Viscount Molyneux of Maryborough
   in the Church of St. Giles:
     - William Goold (of Cork?)
     - Marie Welhs (Welsh?) of Waterfort (Waterford?); (in Flemish) mention of Capt. James Caroll, Anastasia Poor, Walter Kelly, Joanna Purcell, Marie Kelly, Elizabeth Smith
     Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. (London, 1853) - OL

Sir Francis Lumm, Bart. of Lumville, Governor of Ross Castle, d. 1797,
High Sheriff of King's County
Memorial errected by his wife Rebecca Forster of Forrest, Co. Dublin
St. James's Church, Piccadilly
(Photograph by 'PJC')

   - St. Patricks Catholic Cemetery
     Kinkora, Perth Co., Ontario
     By Maryann Perkins (Mrs. L.) Griffith (Kincora, 1974) - FHB

Edward Tipping,
2nd Son of Edward Tipping of Bellurgan Park, Co. Louth, d. 17 Aug 1798 aged 35
(Photograph by 'PJC')
   - Kelley of Castle Kelley
     No. 12, p. XVIII, Anna, wife of Daniel Cuckrow, dau of Mr. Benjamin Kelley, d. 1720 in 'The Booke of Regester of the Parish of St. Peter in Canterbury for Christninges Weddinges and Buryalls 1560 - 1800'
     Ed. by Joseph Meadows Cowper (106 copies privately printed, Canterbury, 1888) - FHB
   - Monumental Inscriptions in the Church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol V 3rd Series
     - The Right Honorable Mary (BROWNE), Countess of Kenmare
     By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1904) - OL
   - Monumental Inscriptions Kelston, Somerset
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol III
     - Harriotte BOWERS, of Waterford; her sister Julia SPENCE
    Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1874) - OL
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV 3rd Series
     - Margaret (SCOTT), Countess of Clonmell, relict of Earl of Clonmell
     - Charlotte (SCOTT), Countess of Beauchamp, dau. of above
     - Colonel Hugh Henry MITCHELL, son of Hugh Henry MITCHELL, Esq. of Co. Cork
     - Louisa LITTLE, relict of George Little, Esq. of Asnagh, Co. Longford
     - John Hornby LITTLE, son of above
     continuation Vol V p. 18
     - Robert ALEXANDER, Esqr., formerly of Seamount, Co. Dublin
     - Henrietta Judith ALEXANDER, relict of the above
     - Henry Barre BERESFORD of Learmount, Co. Londonderry
     - Lady Jane STAUNTON, relict of Sir George Leonard STAUNTON of Cargin, Co. Galway
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL 

Monument to Sir Patrick Flemming, Thierfeld, Saxony

   - Inscriptions at the'Tannenwaldchen' Cemetery, Dusseldorf
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vo., II 4th Series
     - Hilda HAUGHTON, dau. of Wilfred and Mary HAUGHTON of Dublin
     - William T. MULVANY, Esq., late Royal Commissioner of Public Works, Ireland
     - Alicia WINSLOW of Cloghan, Fermanagh, wife of W.T. MULVANY (above)
     - Alicia A MULVANY of Ardara, Donegal, dau.of W.T. MULVANY (above)
     - Mary O. McGURRIN (nee DONAVAN) b. Belturbet, Co. Cavan
     By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1908) - OL
   - The Tomb of an Irish Soldier of Fortune
     Herrn Patricius von Flemming (Sir Patrick Flemming); Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (see illustration above)
     By M. Eckardt, Thierfeld, Saxony (Cork, 1892) - OL
   - Monumental Inscriptions in the British Cemeteries of the Ionian Islands
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vo., II 4th Series
     - Joseph Thomas CARVILL of Newry
     - Captain the Honourable Robert Le Poer FRENCH [TRENCH], R.N., 3rd son of Richard [Le Poer TRENCH], 2nd Earl Clancarty
     - Catherine JOHNSTON, widow of Robert JOHNSTON of Cashel, Co. Donegal
     By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1908) - OL


   - Monumental Inscriptions in Cawnpur [Kanpur] Cantonment Cemetery
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vo., II 4th Series; continued from Vol I 4th series [not found]
     Roman Catholic plot XIV (Adults) - 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers:
     - Pte. John AHERNE; Sergt. Instr. William Joseph FARROW E.I.R.V.R.C.; Andy ROWLAND
     on monument erected by the men of Co. Kerry:
     - Pte. Patrick TRANT; Pte. Daniel DEE; Pte. John NASH; Pte. John HORAN; Corpl. John SHUEL
     - on headstones:
     - Daniel DEE (as above); Pte James MAHONEY; Lce. Corp. Carroll O'CONNELL; Thomas MCGLADRIGAN, Station Master, Rajputana Malwa Railway
     on monument erected by the men of the County and City of Limerick:
     - Pte. Thomas SHEEHAN;- Pte. John HARTNETT; Pte. Martin SHANNON; Pte. Thomas NUNAN; Pte. Patrick DOYLE; Pte. Michael WALSH; Pte. John WIXTED; Pte. James NEILAN; Pte. Patrick WALSH; Pte. James MACK; Pte. Daniel DALEY; Pte. John SHEEHAN; Sergt. Andrew ROLAND; Pte. Cornelious HALLORAN; Pte. Michael LIDDY
     on headstones:
     - Pte. SCULLY; Pte. William O'LEARY; Corpl. SHULE
     on monument erected by the men of the City and County of Cork:
     - Pte. M. LYNCH; Pte. J. MAHONY; Color Sgt. F. NOLAN; Pte. J. AHERN; Pte W. O'LEARY; Pte J. DALY; Pte. C. WALSH; Pte. P. SCULLY; Pte. D. McCARTHY; Pte J. SHEEHAN; Pte. J. DESMOND; Pte. P MURPHY
     on headstones:
     - P. KEEGAN, R.M.F.; Pte. Joseph (or Edward) WALES; Pte. J. HORAN; P. WALSH
     on monument erected by Corporals of the 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers:
     - Corp. W. WESTALL; Corp. J. SHUEL; Corp. D. CLIFFORD; Mrs. M. BRIGANZA
     continuation p. 62
     Plot XVI - Church of England (Adults) - on monument erected by Army Boot Class:
     M. (Michael) CONNELLY, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
     Plot XVII - Church of England (Adults) 2nd Battn. Royal Munster Fusiliers
    - Pte. M. SHANNON; Pte. J. NASH; Drvr. J. BARKER; Pte. J. MURPHY
    By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1908) - OL

     taken in the summer of 1797 by John Feltham and Edward Wright; some natives of Ireland including:
     - Thomas DICKESON, Stone Cutter, d, 1759
     - Edw. MULLAN from Dundalk, Brewer, 1781
     - James DRAKE of Loughin Isle, 1795
     - Francis BLACKMORE, 1734
     - Wm. Barton TENNISON, of Ballshot, Esq., late High Sheriff and J.P. for Monaghan, 1793
     - Rev. John FIELD, A.M. of County Armagh, 1778
     - Wm. THOMPSON of County Cavan, 1713
     - Francis Wilder MOORE, Esq., of Julians Town, Co. Meath, 1792
     - Richard Ambrose STEVENSON, Esq. aid de camp to Lord Shannon, grandson to John STEVENSON, Esq., M.P., 1773
     Edited by William Harrison, Esq. (Douglas, Isle of Man, 1868) - IA


   - English and American Inscriptions in the old (and now closed) Protestant Cemetery in Leghorn
     continued from 3rd Series, Vol II p.194
     continuation  p. 67
     continuation p. 99
     continuation p. 133
     - Thomas, infant son of Sir Thomas and Alicia WHELAN
     - Henrietta Jemima DELAP, Monasterboyce
     - Tho. CRAMER Esq. of Kilcullin
     - Margaret WILLIS, Co. Westmeath
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV 3rd Series
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL 


   - Monumental Inscriptions in Jerusalem
    from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV 3rd Series;  Some of Irish interest:
     - A small Irish cross: Mary Elizabeth ELLIOTT, Gaza
     - Rev. Somerset Beafield BURTCHAELL, M.A.
     - Annie Pomola BURTCHAELL
    - Claudia, infant dau. of Somerset and Katherine BURTCHAELL
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL 

   - Monumental Inscriptions in Lucerne
     from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV 3rd Series;  Some of Irish interest:
     - Henry Walters CARSON, B.D., T.C.D., Vicar of Santry, Co. Dublin
     - Honble. Katherine Frances COGHILL dau. of John 3rd Lord Plunket, Q.C.
     - Gerald Cramer COGHILL, son of above
     - Elizabeth JESSOP, dau. of Rev. R.F. JESSOP of Marifield, Co. Dublin
     continuation p. 156
     - Arthur RUXTON, Dublin
     - Elizabeth SYMES, Ballybegg, Co. Wicklow
     - George THOMPSON, Barrister-at-Law, Dublin
     - Hugh O'BEIRNE, Jamestown, Co. Leitrim
     - Thomas DUNILL, Dublin
     - Robert MOORE, Dublin
     - Captn. R. Hill WEBSTER, son of R. WEBSTER, Surgeon of 4th Royal Irish Guards
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL 


- 'Our Lady of Mt. Carmel', known as 'Astoria', Queens, New York - Irish emigrant graveyard - transcriptions, map, photos - website
Cemetery Records [in Iowa] - Listings of those with Irish nativity from more than a dozen cemeteries, by Irish in Iowa (last updated 2007) - website
Headstone in Coupeville's Sunnyside Cemetery on Whidbey Island, Washington with the inscription in the Irish Language in Old Gaelic type, by Irish Heritage Club (Seattle, undated) - website
- St. Patrick Cemetery, Kent, Washington - The Seattle Area's Irish Pioneer Cemetery, by Irish Heritage Club (Seattle, undated) - website
- Troy Irish Genealogy Society, New York - interment records, memorial inscriptions, funeral home records
   - GELSTON: Hugh Gelston was a native of Belfast, Ireland
     tombstone at Southampton, Suffolk County; Extract from Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County 1691 - 1703
     By William Smith Pelletreau (New York, 1897) - NYSHL
   - The Inscriptions in St. Peter's Church Yard, Philadelphia
     some marked Native of Ireland
     By Rev. William White Bronson, A.M. (1879) - OL
   - Records of St. Patrick Cemetery, Largo, Indiana 1846 - 1883
     many Irish born listed
     Compiled by Alice McMarney Gray (Fort Wayne, 1973) - FHB
   - Rest in Peace - Sacramento, California - Vol 1 - Vol 3 - Vol 4Vol 6 - Vol 7
     Early records from Cemeteries in the City and County - many Irish born
     By Dorothy M. Bayless, M. Georgeann Mello (Sacramento, 1982) - FHB


   - The Monumental Inscriptions in the Churches and Churchyards of the Island of Barbados
     including some Irish born planters and their descendants. Index of names
     By Vere Langford Oliver, M.R.C.S., (1915) - IA
     including some Irish born planters and their descendants. Index of names
     By Captain J. H. Lawrence Archer (1875) - IA

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   - Ancient Fvnerall Monvments within the Vnited Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland and the Iflands adiacent
     By John Weever (London, 1631) - FHB
     Of Irish interest:
     On the Death of the late Earl of Mount-Cassel (Stephen Moore), who dyed in his Tenth Year
     To Dr. Swift: By a Gentleman who imitated his Manner and Stile in writing
     Written on the Window of the Deanery-House of St. Patrick in Dublin by Dr. Delany
     Printed for J. Walthoe (London, 1727) - IA
     Historical, Biographical, Literary and Miscellaneous; Index
     Of Irish interest:
     - Mr. John Flin, a Painter, of Galway
     - Edward Bond, Esq., of Armagh
     - Robert Moore at Dundalk
     - Dr. Oliver Goldsmith in Westminster Abbey (4)
     - Epitaph by Dean Swift
     - On the Young Lord Mount-Cashel (Stephen Moore)
     - On Sir Walter Raleigh, written by himself
     - Right Hon. Sir John Parnell, Bart., late Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer
     - On the Earl of Kildare
     Of Irish interest:
     - Thomas Dermody, the poet, of Ennis, Co. Clare, at Lewisham, Kent
     - Miss Rose, niece to Hugh Rose of Kilravock
     - Demar, a Usurer in Dublin, by Dean Swift
     - Dean Swift
     By Unknown author (London, 1806) - IA
     Of Irish Interest:
     - Sir Peter Warren, derived his descent from an ancient Family of Ireland
     - Thomas Fletcher, D.D. in Christ's Church, Dublin
     - Oliver Goldsmith
     - Demar - An Usurer in Dublin
     - Samuel Barrington, on the Pillar near the western door, St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick
     - Edward Bond, Esq. Armagh church-yard
     - Robert Moore, Dundalk
     - Sir Walter Raleigh, Knt.
     By William Graham, Land Surveyor (Carlisle, 1821) - IA
     of All Ages and Countries; some of Irish interest
     By Silvester Tissington (London, 1857) - IA
   Some of Irish interest
   By William Henney (London, 1814) - IA
   - Discovery of the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla
     near Oldcastle, co. Meath; Ireland's famous monarch and law-maker upwards of 3,000 years ago
     By Eugene Alfred Conwell, M.R.I.A., M.A.I., (Dublin, 1873) - IA
     Ollom Fotla in: Wikipedia
   - Gleanings from Country Church-Yards
     Transactions of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society 1852 - 1853
     By Richard Hitchcock (Dublin, 1855) - IA
   - Ireland's Historic Churches and Graveyards
     By The Heritage Council (Kilkenny, 2008) - Website
   - Journal of the Association for the Presevation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland - Vol II 1892 - 1893 - 1894; Vol VI No. 2. - Part II 1905 - 1906
     Reports by Counties
     Unknown author (1892 - 1894; 1905-1907) - IA - Review of Vol. VI, Parts 1 and 2 (Dublin, 1906) in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, London
   - The Last Resting Places of Notable Irishmen
     By J. J. Burke, M.R.S.A.I., etc. (1900) - IA This title was the eBook of the Month for April, 2012 - for short review see eBook of the Month Archive
   - Understanding the Stones
     By PRONI (Belfast, 2007) - Website

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This section includes lists of books on Ireland
* ABBOTSFORD (Scotland)
   - Catalogue of the Library at Abbotsford
     By the Bannatyne Club (Edinburgh, 1838) - OL


   - A Descriptive Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the Advocates' Library Edinburgh
     and elsewhere in Scotland
     By Donald MacKinnon, M.A. (Edinburgh, 1912) - IA

   Search the library's current Catalogue
     in the Bodleian and Lambeth Libraries
     By Unknown Author (London, 1864) - OL 

    Search the library's current Catalog
   - A List of Books on Modern Ireland in the Public Library of the City of Boston
    The Trustees (Boston, 1921) - OL 


   - Catalogue of a Portion of the Topographical and General Library
     of the Rt. Hon. Lord Brabourne comprising ..Histories... of Ireland
     Which will be sold by auction by Messrs, Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge (London, 1891) - OL


   - A Catalogue of the Entire Library of John Bridges, late of Lincolns-Inn Esq.
     Consisting of above 4000 Books and Manuscripts...especially the History and Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland
     To be sold at his Chambers (London, 1725) - OL

    Search the library's current Catalogue
   - The Book of British Topography
     A Classified Catalogue of the Topographical Works in the Library of the British Museum relating to Great Britain and Ireland
     By John P. Anderson (London, 1881) - OL
   - Catalogue of Books in the Library of the British Museum - Vol II
     Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland
     The Trustees (London, 1884) - OL
   - Catalogue of Printed Books. Supplement. Newspapers
     Published in Great Britain and Ireland 1801 - 1900
     British Museum (London, 1905) - IA
   including Manuscripts of Charles O'Conor of Balanagare, Co. Roscommon
   By Order of the Trustees (London, 1895) - OL 

    Search the library's current Catalogue
   - The Henry Bradshaw Irish Collection
     presented in 1870 and 1886
     Cambridge University Library Bulletin (Cambridge, 1909) - IA
   - A Catalogue of the Bradshaw Collection of Irish Books in the University Library Cambridge - Vol I : LARGE PDF file! Vol II  - Vol III INDEX 
     Books Printed in Dublin by Known Printers 1602 - 1882
     University Library (London, 1916) - OL 

     Reports of the laying of foundation stones for free libraries, speeches, etc.
     Compiled and edited by James M. Swank (Philadelphia, 1903) - OL

* A CLERGYMAN and a NOBLEMAN (Formerly resident in Ireland)
   - Catalogue of the United Libraries
     Sold by Auction by Charles Sharpe (Dublin? 1834) - OL


   - Classified Catalogue of the Books in the Cork Library
     With an Index of Authors' Names; Rules of the Society
     Printed by Flynn and Co (Cork, 1881) - OL - Search the library's current Catalogue

* The Earliest Dublin Printing

   with List of Books, Proclamations, etc. Printed in Dublin Prior to 1601
   By E. R. M'C. Dix (Dublin, 1901) - OL


   - The James Fenning Sale of Antiquarian Books
     Sale catalogue by Whyte's (Dublin, 2012) - website


   - Catalogue of the Books and Manuscripts
     Comprising the Library of the late Sir John T. Gilbert, LL.D., F.S.A., M.R.I.A.
     By Douglas Hyde, LL.D., D. J. O'Donoghue (Dublin, 1918) - OL


   - A Catalogue of the Genuine Library of Francis Grose, Esq., F.R.S.
     many uncommon and curious books
     will be Sold by Auction by J. Egerton (London, 1791) - OL - See Guidebooks for Grose's 'Antiquities of Ireland' (2 vols, with 266 illustratiions) - Francis Grose in: Irish Graves (buried in Drumcondra with his friend Francis Gandon, Architect) - Wikipedia

* A Guide to Books on Ireland - Part I

   Prose, Literature, Poetry, Music and Plays
   By Stephen J. Brown, S.J. (Dublin, 1912) - 1912

A Handbook to County Bibliography

   being a Bibliography of Bibliographies relating to the Counties and Towns of Great Britain and Ireland
   By Arthur L. Humphreys (London, 1917) - OL


     By John T. Gilbert  (1895) - IA - see also Government - State Papers


   - Catalogue of English, Scotch, and Irish Record Publications
     Reports of the Historical Manuscripts Commission and Annual Reports of the Deputy Keepers of the Public Records, England and Ireland; found at end of a book  'Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Vol III'
     By HMSO (London, 1897) - OL


   - Catalogue of the Library
     including books on Ireland - population, emigration, Poor Law, failure of banks
     Printed for the Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1880) - OL

The Irish Historical Library

   Pointing at most of the Authors and Records in Print or Manuscript, Which may be serviceable to the Compilers Of a General History of Ireland
   By William (Nicolson), Lord Bishop of Derry (Dublin, 1724) - GB - William Nicolson in: Wikipedia


      For full list of titles visit IMC

    By Newport B. White, M.A. (1943) - IMC
  - The Tanner Letters
    Original Documents and Notices of Irish Affairs in the 16th and 17th Centuries
    By Charles McNeill (Dublin, 1943) - IMC
     in Sir William Petty's MMS Barony Maps (c. 1655 - 1699) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672)
    By Y. M. Goblet (Dublin, 1932) - IMC

     Historical Manuscripts Commission
     By John T. Gilbert  (London, 1895) - IA

    - Search the library's current Catalogue
     Preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth
     Edited by J. S. Brewer, William Bullen, Esq. (Original London,1868, Reprint Liechtenstein, 1974) - FHB, OL
     in the Bodleian and Lambeth Libraries
     By Unknown Author (London, 1864) - OL 

    - Search the library's current Catalogue
   - American and English Genealogies in the Library of Congress
    Preliminary Catalogue - Second Ed.
     many Irish and Irish-American families included
     Under direction of the Chief of Catalogue Division (Washington, 1910, 1919) - HT, OL
     and a List of Genealogies Converted to Microform since 1983
     Cataloging Distribution Service (Washington, 1991)

    Search the library's current Catalogue
   - Catalogue of the Books in the Irish Section
     By authority of the Board of Governors (Belfast, 1917) - FHB
   - History of the Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge
    commonly known as the Linen Hall Library
     By John Anderson, Hon. Secretary (Belfast, 1888) - OL 

    Search the library's current Catalogue
   - Catalogue of Fifteenth-Century Books
     in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin and in Marsh's Library, Dublin
     By T. K. Abbott, B.D., Litt.D., Hon. D.D. (Glasg.) (Dublin, London, 1905) - OL
   - A Short catalogue of English Books in Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin, Printed before 1641
     By Newport J. D. White, D.D. Marsh's Librarian (Oxford, 1905) - OL
   - A Catalogue of Books in the French Language Printed in or before A.D.1715
     Remaining in Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin; with an Appendix relating to the Cashel Diocesan Library
     Compiled by Newport J. D. White, D.D. (Dublin, 1918) - OL
   - Catalogue of the Manuscripts Remaining in Marsh's Library, Dublin
     By John Russell Scott, B.A., Newport J. D. White, D.D. (Dublin, 1913) - OL 


   - see Government - State Papers


     For Estate and Family papers - see Nobility and Landed Gentry
    - Search the library's current Catalogue
   - Bibliography of Irish Philology and of Printed Irish Literature
     for Genealogical see p. 261
     HMSO (Dublin, 1913) - IA

   - Consolidated Index to The Records of the Genealogical Office, Dublin, Ireland
     Download only
     By Virginia Wade McAnlis (Port Angeles, WA, 1994)

   - Irish Genealogy, Heraldry and Family History: Select Bibliography
     NLI - PDF download only

   - Parish Registers in the National Library of Ireland
     aughty.org (Ireland, aft. 2006) - Website - Search the library's current Catalogue - Family History Research: Sources at the NLI
  - List of Works relating to Ireland, the Irish Language and Literature, etc.
    New York Public Library (New York, 1905) - OL 
    archived webpage (retrieved, Sep 2020)

  - James Hardiman Library
   - official site

   Contents of the Genealogical and Heraldic Records of the Office of Arms at Dublin from p. 609; Extract from: Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnae Britanniae
   An Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry etc.
   By Thomas Moule (London, 1822) - HT


   - Catalogue of Second-Hand Books, Ancient and Modern No. CXV
     ... recently purchased from the Libraries of the late Dr. O'Donovan, the translator of the Annals of the Four Masters; John Windele,The Eminent Antiquary of Cork; Dr. Anster, translater of Gothe's Faust
     By Thomas Connolly (Dublin, 1868) - HT


   - Bibliotheca Hibernicana
     or a Descriptive Catalogue of a Select Irish Library collected for The Right Hon. Robert Peel
     Published by W. Folds and Son (50 copies only, Dublin, 1823) - OL - R. H. writing in Notes and Queries 2nd Series No. 2 1856 states that the author was known to be William Shaw Mason


   - Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Expensive Books
     embracing the entire Literary portion of the Library of the late Lord Plunket, Arch-Bishop of Tuam, and a portion of the Library of the late Eminent Irish Historian Dr. Madden; Sale will commence 4th November, 1867
     By Henry Shaw, Auctioneer (Montreal, 1867) - OL


   - A Short Guide to the Principal Classes of Documents
     Preserved in the Public Record Office, Dublin; short notes on Marsh's Library, Royal Irish Academy and Public Library, Armagh and the National Library, Dublin
     By the Rev. Robert H. Murray, Litt.D. (1919) - OL - Many of these records were completely destroyed in an explosion and fire at the Four Courts 30 Jun 1922;See also Free Irish History eBooks - State Papers


  - see Free Irish History eBooks - State Papers


   Family History Guides:
   - Church of Ireland Records Index - microfilmed records
   - Frequently Asked Questions - Wills and Probate
   - An Irish Genealogical Source - A Guide to Church Records
   - Local History Series: 5 - National Education Records
   - The Major Research Strengths of PRONI
   - The New PRONI Premises
   - PRONI - Past, Present and Future
   - Roman Catholic Church Records Index
     For PRONI's 'Your Family Tree Series' of guidebooks see Guidebooks - Genealogy
   Introductions to Papers:
   - Armagh Diocesan Registry Archive
   - Harland and Wolff Papers
   - Ministry/Department of Education Archive
   - Political Papers Index
     For PRONI's Introductions to Family and Estate Papers see Nobility and Landed Gentry - Estate, Family Papers, Manuscripts, Memoirs
     By Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast, 2007 - 2011) - PRONI

    Search the library's current Catalogue
 *  Catalogue of Books in the Library of Queen's College, Belfast
     Printed by Alex Mayne and Boyd (Belfast, 1897) - OL 

* Rare Books, Relating to Ireland, etc
   Listing of books
   By R. H. Notes and Queries 2nd Series, No. 16 (London, 1856) - IA

   in the Representative Church Body Library, Dublin (Dublin, 2011) - website
   St. John's, Dublin
   Parish Watch Account Book 1724 - 1738
   Parish Watch Account Book 1741 - 1785
   Parish Watch Register 1765 - 1766
   Parish Watch Register 1767 - 1768
   Parish Watch Register 1768 - 1769
   Parish Watch Register 1770
   Parish Watch Register 1772 - 1773
   Parish Watch Register 1773 - 1774
   Parish Watch Register 1779 - 1780
   Church of Ireland RCB Library - To view these books visit Watchbook Presentation

   - Catalogue of An Extensive and Valuable Collection of Books relating to Ireland
     formed by Stephen J. Richardson of New York City to be sold at auction
     Merwin Sales Company (New York, 1913) - HT

    Search the library's current Catalogues
  - Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Dublin Society
     By Mr. J. F. Jones, Edw. Richards Purefoy Colles, Librarian (Dublin, 1860) - OL
   - Harris's Ware
     Complaints about the catalogue of the RDS and missing vols.
     By Artebus Notes and Queries 2nd Series No. 6 (London, 1856) - IA 


   A List of Donations made to the RIA previous to the year 1789
   JSTOR article - IA

     Now the University of Manchester Library 
   - Search the library's current Catalogue
Catalogue of Books in the John Rylands Library Manchester
   Printed in England, Scotland and Ireland
   By J. E. Cornish (Manchester, 1895) - OL

   - Catalogue of the Library at Lough Fea (County Monaghan)
     An Illustration of the History and Antiquities of Ireland
     Preface by Ev. Ph. Shirley (Printed privately London, 1872) - OL


    - The Down Survey of Ireland - Trinity College, Dublin
    Search the library's current Catalogues
   - Catalogue of Fifteenth-Century Books
     in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin and in Marsh's Library, Dublin
     By T. K. Abbott, B.D., Litt.D., Hon. D.D. (Glasg.) (Dublin, London, 1905) - OL
   - Catalogue of the Irish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin
     By T. K. Abbott, B.D., D.Litt., E. J. Gwynn, M.A. (Dublin, London, 1921) - OL
   - Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin
     to which is added a List of the Fagel Collection of Maps in the same Library
     By T. K. Abbott, D.D., D.Litt., Librarian (Dublin, London, 1900) - OL
   - A Short Guide to Some Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College Dublin
      By the Rev. Robert H. Murray, Litt.D. (London, 1920) - OL 

       Catalogue of Works relating to Ireland
       By Henry Tennyson Folkard, F.S.A., Librarian (20 copies only, Wigan 1896) - HT

The Down Survey of Ireland - Trinity College, Dublin
Maps of Co. Down  - Ros Davies' website
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages
Introduction to Ordnance Survey Memoirs - PRONI Local History guide
* 17th Century Pictorial Map of Galway City
   NUI Galway

* Ancient Map of Ireland, A.D. 1572
   Visit Logainim website for dozens of ancient and modern maps

Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland

   Part 1 - A Comprehensive Deliniation of the Thirtytwo Counties (Illustrated)
   By P. W. Joyce, LL.D. (1903) - IA

* Catalogue of Maps and Plans Relating to Ireland

   In H.M's State Paper Office, Whitehall, London
   JSTOR extract from the Ulster Journal of Archaeology (Belfast, 1855) - IA

Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin
   to which is added a List of the Fagel Collection of Maps in the same Library
   By T. K. Abbott, D.D., D.Litt., Librarian (Dublin, London, 1900) - OL

* Description of the Raised Map of Ireland

   National Museum of Science and Art, Dublin
   By Grenville A.J. Cole, F.R.S., M.R.I.A., F.G.S. (Dublin, 1920) - OL

* Historic Maps Collection

   11 items; 18th and 19th century maps
   - IVRLA

* The History of the Survey of Ireland commonly called The Down Survey

   By Doctor William Petty, A.D. 1655 - 1666
   By Thomas Aiskew Larcom, F.R.S., M.R.I.A., etc. (Dublin, 1851) - OL - William Petty (1623 - 1687) in: Wikipedia - Thomas Larcom in: Wikipedia - The Down Survey of Ireland - Trinity College, Dublin - Wikipedia - The Life of Sir William Petty by Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice (London, 1895) - IA - Edmond Fitzmaurice, 1st Baron Fitzmaurice in: Wikipedia

History of Kilsaran

   Union of Parishes in the County of Louth... Kilsaran, Gernonstown, Strabannon, Manfieldstown, and Dromiskin,; with many particulars relating to the Parishes of Richardstown, Dromin and Darver; with 5 maps and 42 illustrations
   By Rev. James B. Leslie, M.A. M.R.S.A.I. Rector of Kilsaran (1908) - OL

* Mac CARTHY MOR: The Lordship of Mac Carthy Mor - Part I
   RSAI Journal - with map
  By W. F. Butler, M. A., F.R.U.I (1906, 1907) - IA

* Reports and Maps of Towns and Cities
   Armagh, Athlone, Carrickfergus, Coleraine, Drogheda, Dundalk, Dungannon, Kinsale, Lisburn, Newry, New Ross, Sligo
   By Parliament? (1830's? London?) - FHB

* Map of Ireland showing by the Varieties of Shading the Comparative Density of the Population
   to accompany the Report of the Railway Commissioners
   James Gardner; Henry Drury Harness (London? 1837) - BSL

Map of Prospect Cemetery Glasnevin
   Indicating burial places of Noted Persons and Communities. And containing some Illustrations
   By Dublin Cemeteries Committee (1904) - IA

Memoir of a Map of Ireland illustrating the Topography of that Kingdom
   and containing a Short Sccount of its Present State... Index to the Map
   By Daniel Augustus Beaufort, LL.D. (London, 1792) - OL
   Irish County Maps showing the location of Churches
   By The Genealogical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1977) - IA

* Ordnance Survey of Ireland
   Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch Scale Maps and Small Specimens of different Maps published
   Ordnance Survey (Dublin? 1900) - OL

* The Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom
   including section on the Cadastral Survey of Ireland
   By Lieut.-Colonel T. Pilkington White, R.E. (London, 1886) - OL

* The Physical Geology and Geography of Ireland
   with two coloured maps and twenty-nine illustrations
   By Edward Hull, M.A., F.R.S. (London, Dublin, 1891) - OL

Records relating to Ardagh and Clonmacnoise
   With Map
   By Rev. John Canon Monaghan, D.D., V.F. (1886) - AAI - Short review of this book on AAI

Surnames in the County of Down
   includes map and table of names
   By A. Hume The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 6 (Belfast, 1858) - HT

Taylor and Skinner's Maps of the Roads of Ireland, Surveyed 1777
   Published for the Authors as the Act directs (London, Dublin, 1778) - IA

* A Topographical Index of the Parishes and Townlands of Ireland
   in Sir William Petty's MMS Barony Maps (c. 1655 - 1699) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672)
   By Y. M. Goblet (Dublin, 1932) - IMC

The Walls of Dublin - from Illustrations of Irish History and Topography by C. Litton Falkiner (London, 1904)

* BLOOD-SMITH: Death of Ireland's Oldest Solicitor
   Arthur J. Blood-Smith
   Limerick Leader (Limerick, 1960) - LCC

Edmund Burke The Statesman and the Burkes of County Limerick

   extract from the Limerick Leader
   By Robert Cussen (Limerick, 1958) - LCC

Catalogue of Printed Books. Supplement. Newspapers

   Published in Great Britain and Ireland 1801 - 1900
   British Museum (London, 1905) - IA

* The Creaghs of Limerick

   from the Limerick Leader
   By Willie W. Gleeson (Limerick, 1957) - LCC

Emigration to Canada
   a collection of articles and letters to newspapers, etc.; 'Scarcity of Domestic Servants', 'The Unemployed Wood Sawyers in Belfast', 'A Successful Monaghan Man...' [named Whitla has the largest dry goods establishment in the county of Renfrew], etc.
   By Charles Foy, Commissioner of Emigration for Canadian Government, Belfast (Monaghan, 1872?) - OL

Ireland Under The Land Act
   Letters contributed to the 'Standard' Newspaper; with an appendix of leading cases under the Act, giving the evidence in full, judicial dicta, etc.
   By E. Cant-Wall (London, 1882) - eBR

Irish in Iowa

   Transcriptions from a variety of sources, covering biographies, cemeteries, newspapers, etc.
   By Irish in Iowa (updated 2007) - website

Passenger and Crew Lists
Ireland-Australia Transportation Database - National Archives of Ireland
Shipping Advertisements and Shipping News in the Irish Emigration Database
Information - 140 emigrants who sailed to New York with Vere Foster 1857 on board the 'City of Mobile' - PRONI
Ulster Ancestry Free Genealogy Pages: Passenger Lists
* Alphabetical List of the Heads of Households and Persons
   brought out to Canada (City of Peterborough) in the Irish Immigration of 1825 under the superintencence of Mr. Peter Robinson
   By Mahala M. Waywell (no details) - FHB - See also - 'Peter Robinson Settlers' from Cork to Canada 1823 and 1825 in The Ships List 

* Drogheda Port, Dundalk Port:
   - Crew Lists Research Guide Part 1 - Part 2
   - Passenger Lists Research Guide
   By Louth County Archives Service (Co. Louth, undated) - website

Emigrant Passenger Lists to America 1803 - 1855

   extract from Handbook on Irish Genealogy, p. 105 ff
   Published by Heraldic Artists Ltd. (Dublin, 1973) - FHB

* Emigration Records

   Factsheet: Passenger Lists available at their building
   By PRONI (Belfast, 2007) - PRONI website

* Irish Emigrants in 1805

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. XII
   Transcribed by H. Honiton Ball (Belfast, 1906) - OL

* Journal of the Voyage of Charles Clinton from Ireland to America 1729

   extract from 'Olde Ulster: a Historical and Genealogical Magazine'; Judge Charles Clinton from County Longford; includes 'a return of persons that died on board of ye George and Ann'
   By Charles Clinton (Kingston, New York, 1908) - IA

* Passenger Lists from Ireland

   Published in 'The Shamrock or Irish Chronicle' 1811, 1815-1816
   By J. Dominick Hackett and Charles Montague Early (Baltimore, Originally Pub. 1929-31) - FHB

* Port of Embarkation: Belfast, August 4, 1835
   Name of Vessel: Brig Margaret Balfour ; Number of Passengers 43; Port of Arrival: Baltimore, Maryland
   National Archives Microfilm Publications (Washington, 1959) - IA

* Ulster Emigrants in 1803

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. XIII
   Transcribed by H. Honiton Ball (Belfast, 1907) - OL

Place Names
Bunachar Logainmneacha na hÉireann / Placenames Database of Ireland - logainm.ie
The IreAtlas Townlad Data Base - seanruad.com
irishtimes.com Place Name Search
Place Names of Co. Down - over 7,000 places listed - Ros Davies' website
Place-names of Northern Ireland Project
Dysert-Diarmada; or Irish Place-Names
   Their Beauty and their Degradation
   By An Irish C.C. (permissu Episcopi, Dublin, 1919) - OL

* Dublin Street Names

   Dated and Explained
   By Rev. C. T. M'Cready, D.D. (Dublin, 1892) - OL

* Dublin to 1610

   Visit loganim website for numerous publications on street names in Irish and English

Field Name Books of Limerick

   with Place Names, English and Irish
   By John O'Donovan, Ordinance Survey of Ireland (Dublin, 1939 - 1940) - LCC

Irish Local Names Explained
   explanation of Irish place names
   By Patrick Weston Joyce (1885) - OL

Limerick City Street Names

   By Gerry Joyce (Limerick, 1995) - LCC

* A List of the Latin Names of Places in Great Britain and Ireland

   extract from 'Court-Hand Restored or, the Student's Assistant in reading Old Deeds, Charters, Records, etc., 10th Edition'
   By Andrew Wright (London, 1912) - OL

Local Etymology

   or Names of Places in the British Isles... Explained and Illustrated
   By W. A. Williamson, M.C.P (London, 1849) - OL

* Onomasticon Goedelicum - Locorum et Tribuum Hibernieae et Scotiae

   An Index, with Identifications, to the Gaelic Names of Places and Tribes
   By Edmund Hogan, S.J. (Dublin, 1910) - FHB

The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places - Vol I - 
Vol II - Vol III
   By P. W. Joyce, LL.D. (Dublin, London, 1866, 1920) - IA - Read a review of this series by Pat Feely in 'The Old Limerick Journal' Vol 37, 2001

Place-Names and Antiquities of S.E. Cork - Part II

   Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
   By Patrick Power (Dublin, 1918) - OL - Part I not found

The Place-Names of Decies

   County Waterford
   By Rev. P. Power, M.R.I.A. (London, 1907) - OL

* A Topographical Index of the Parishes and Townlands of Ireland

   in Sir William Petty's MMS Barony Maps (c. 1655 - 1699) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672)
   By Y. M. Goblet (Dublin, 1932) - IMC

   Edited from the original Irish by John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1862) - OL

Search the Ireland-Australia Transportation Database - National Archives of Ireland
* The Irish Convict System
   more especially Intermediate Prisons; translated from German
   By Baron Franz von Holtzendorff (Dublin, 1860) - OL

* Irish Rebels in English Prisons: A Record of Prison Life

   By O'Donovan Rossa (New York, 1899) - OL

* Jail Journal

   By John Mitchel (Dublin, 1914) - OL

* List of all Persons Detained in Prison under the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Act

   Name of Prisoner; Prison; Grounds for arrest. Listing of 511 prisoners
   Ordered by House of Commons (London, 1882) - FHB

* Reformatory Prison Discipline

   as developed by the Rt. Hon. Sir Walter Crofton in the Irish Convict Prisons
   By Mary Carpenter (London, 1872) - OL

* Return: Crimes (Ireland)

   by County; signed by H. J. Brownrigg, Inspector General, Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle
   By order of House of Commons (London, 1862) - GB

* The Treatment of Political Prisoners in Ireland

   Compiled by E. Dwyer Gray (Dublin, 1889) - OL

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology
   By James F. Ferguson (Belfast, 1853, 1854) - OL

  - Christian Brothers Schools, Limerick (P34) 1856 - 1925 - on-line archive - LCC
   - Cork Model School, pupil and teacher training records, 1865 - 1990 NS/MS List - CCCA
* Ballitore School List
   Abraham Shackleton's School, 1726 to James White's School, 1836; list includes the great statesman Edmund BurkeAppendix to the 'Leadbeater Papers' Vol I
   By Mary Leadbeater (London, 1862) - OL

* Blue-Coat Hospital
   extract from 'The Dublin Penny Journal' (Dublin, 1835) - IA - The King's Hospital in: Wikipedia
The Foundation of the Hospital and Free School of King Charles II
   Oxmantown, Dublin, commonly called the Blue Coat School
   By the Right Hon. Sir Frederick R. Falkiner, K.C. (Dublin, 1906) - OL

* My Young Days

   a memoir of school-days in Dublin in the late 1800's
   By Letitia Greenham Clarke (Dublin, 1948) - IA

Regulations for the Establishment and Government of the Royal Hibernian Military School
   for the Orphans and Children of Soldiers
   By Order of the Society (Dublin, 1819) - GB

Reasons of an Irish Landlord for not adopting The National System of Education

   under any modification of its Rules and Regulations; To the Editor of the Daily Express
   By Hon. Somerset R. Maxwell (Dublin, 1860) - OL

Surname - Change of
* Buggin to Underwood
   1831 - Grant to Cecilia Laetitia Buggin, Widow; Fragmenta Genealogica - Vol V
   By Frederick Arthur Crisp (England, 1900) - IA

Changes of Name - 1849 - 1850
  in 'The Heraldic Register'
   by J. Bernard Burke, Esq. (London, 1850) - OL

* An Index to Changes of Name
   Under Authority of Act of Parliament or Royal Licence and including Irregular Changes from I George II to 64 Victoria 1760 to 1901; With and Introduction on the Law of Change of Name
   By W. P. W. Phillimore; Edw. Alex. Fry (London, 1905) - HT

* On Surnames and the Rules of Law affecting their Change
* Supplement
   By Tomas Falconer (London, 1862, 1863) - OL

Most popular surnames in Ireland in 1890
(Special Report on Surnames in Ireland, Robert E. Matheson)

Category:Surnames of Irish origin in: Wikipedia
The Earliest in Ireland - One-Name studies (before 1800)
irishtime.com Surname Search
People's Names of Co. Down - information  on over 800,000 people - Ros Davies' website
Ulster Ancestry Free Genealogy Pages
* British Isles Surname Index - B
   Compiled by the Staff of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Nevada, 2001) - FHB

* Celtic Surnames
   By Tomas O'Flannghaile (Dublin? 1896) - Transcription - LI

* Exploring the DNA of Irish and Scottish Surnames and possible ties to Niall and the Uí Néill kindred

* The Phylogenetic Tree Enclosure
   A Dated Phylogenetic Tree of M222 SNP Haplotypes
   By William E. Howard III, John D. McLaughlin (Belfast, 2011) - Ulster Historical Foundation website

* A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames

   with special American instances
   By the late Charles Wareing Bardsley, M.A. (London, 1901) - OL - this book is mentioned by MacLysaght in the introduction to "The Surnames of Ireland"

* Discovering Surnames

   Section on Irish Surnames
   By J. W. Freeman (Aylesbury, England, 1968) - FHB

Errors of Edmund Spenser - Irish Surnames

   By A. Hume The Ulster Journal of Archaeology Vol. 6 (Belfast, 1858) - HT

Family Names

   From the Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman and Scotch
   By Thomas G. Gentry (Philadelphia, 1892) - IA

Family Names Being Researched

   by members and non-members of the Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto and York region; some Irish families
   By Jane E. MacNamara (Toronto, 1994) - FHB

* NO LONGER AVAILABLE (Nov 2013) Irish Families - Their Names, Arms and Origins

   By Edward MacLysaght, D.Litt., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1957) - FHB

Irish Names and Surnames - Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall

   By An tAthair Padraig de Bhulbh (Balie Atha Cliath, 1922) - OL - Transcription - LI

Irish Surnames; Their Past and Present Forms

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology
   By James MacGrady (Belfast, 1853) - OL - Transcription - LI

Latin Names of English Surnames

   followed by 'A Few Latin Christian Names, with their English Equivalents'extracts from 'Court-Hand Restored or, the Student's Assistant in reading Old Deeds, Charters, Records, etc., 10th Edition'
   By Andrew Wright (London, 1912) - OL

Local Etymology
  ...with Notices of Surnames...
   By W. A. Williamson, M.C.P (London, 1849) - OL

* The 'Muls' and 'Gils': Some Irish Surnames

   Continued on following pages
   The Irish Ecclesiastical Record Vol III (fourth series)  (Dublin, 1898) - OL - Transcription - LI

Patronymica Britannica
   A Dictionary of Family Names
   By Mark Antony Lower (London, 1860) - OL

* Some Anglicised Surnames in Ireland
   By Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh (Dublin, 1923) - TCD - Transcription - LI

Special Report on Surnames in Ireland

   with notes as to Numerical Strength, Derivation, Ethnology and Distribution
   By Robert E. Matheson (Dublin, 1894) - IA

* Surnames

   paper read at the Society of Genealogists of London
   By W. P. Haskett-Smith, M.A. (London, 1917) - FHB

* Surnames in the County of Antrim

   includes table of names
   By A. Hume The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 5 (Belfast, 1857) - HT

* The Surnames of Derry

   Genealogy Centre Derry
   By Brian Mitchell (Derry, 1992) - FHB

Surnames in the County of Down

   includes map and table of names
   By A. Hume The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 6 (Belfast, 1858) - HT

Surnames of the United Kingdom - Vol II (M - Z)

   a Concise Etymological Dictionary
   By Henry HarrisonGyda Pulling (London, 1918) - OL

* Surnames and Sirenames - The Origin and History of Certain Family and Historical Names

   with Remarks on the Ancient Right of the Crown to Sanction and Veto the Assumption of Names
   By James Finlayson (London, 1863) - OL

Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland

   for the Guidance of Registration Officers and the Public in searching the Indexes of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Includes List of Registration Districts
   By Robert E. Matheson, Registrar-General (Dublin, 1901) - IA - This book was the eBook of the Month for June, 2012 - read a short review on the Main Index page

   Including lists of Scholars and Graduates
   Queen's College, Galway (Dublin, 1887, 1899) - IA

Catholic University. The Rector's Report  for the year 1854 - 1855 - 1855 - 1856 - 1856 - 1857
   to Their Lordships the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland
   By John H. Newman (Dublin, 1855 - 1858) - OL

The Catholic University Gazette - Vol I
   (Dublin, 1854 - 1855) - OL

Dublin University - Trinity College

See Digital Collections Examinations, Matriculations- TCD
    - Alumni Dublinensis 1593 - 1860
      By Geroge Dames Burtchaell, M.A., K.C., M.R.I.A.; Thomas UIick Sadleir, M.A., M.R.I.A. (new ed. Dublin, 1935) - TCD
   - The Book of Trinity College Dublin
      1591 - 1891
      By Trinity College (Belfast, 1892) - OL
   To 1868
     By Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin, 1869) - OL
   - A Catalogue of Graduates of the University of Dublin
     Vol II 1868 - 1883
     By Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin, 1884) - IA
   - The Dublin University Calendar 1864 - 1907-08 Vol II - 1910-11 Vol II
   - 1914-15 Vol I - 1917-18 Vol II - 1914-15 Vol II - 1920-21
     Including list of Graduates
     By Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, 1908 - 1920) - IA, HT
   - The Early History of Trinity College Dublin 1591 - 1660
     As told in Contemporary records on occasion of its Tercentenary
     By William Urwick, M.A. (London, Dublin 1892) - OL
   - An Epoc in Irish History - Trinity College, Dublin
     Its Foundation and Early Fortunes 1591 - 1660
     By John Pentland Mahaffy, D.D. (London, 1903) - OL
   - History of the Medical Teaching in Trinity College Dublin
     and the School of Physic in Ireland
     By T. Percy C. Kirkpatrick, M.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1912) - OL
   - History of the University of Dublin
     founded by Queen Elizabeth
     By W. B. S. Taylor, F.M.A., etc. (London, 1845) - IA
   - History of the University of Dublin
     from its foundation to the end of the eighteenth century
     By John William Stubbs, D.D. (Dublin, London, 1889) - OL
   - Records of the Tercentenary Festival
     of the University of Dublin 1892
     By Trinity College (Dublin, 1894) - OL
   - Report of the case of Denis Caulfield Heron against Trinity College Dublin
     argued before the Primate of All Ireland and the Archbishop of Dublin - whether Roman Catholic students are eligible to Scholarships
     By John Francis Waller, Esq. (Dublin, 1846) - IA
   - Report of the Proceedings at a Visitation holden in Trinity College, Dublin
     as a member of the Moravian Church, was Mr. Frederick Purser disqualified to be a Fellow?
     By Stephen N. Elrington, Esq. (Dublin, 1872) - OL
   - Trinity College: Its Income and Its Value to the Nation
     By Most Rev. Dr. Cohalan, Assistant Bishop of Cork (Dublin, 1911) - OL
* Index to English Speaking Students who have Graduated at Leyden University
   marked 'Hybernus'
   By Edward Peacock, F.S.A. (London, 1883) - IA

* The Irish University Question - The Catholic Case
   Selections from speeches and writings of the Archbishop of Dublin
   By William J. Walsh (Dublin, 1897) - IA

Irishmen in the University of Paris in the 17th and 18th Centuries
   The Irish Ecclesiastical Record Vol XIV
   By Patrick Boyle, C.M. (Dublin, 1903) - IA

Maynooth College

   Its Centenary History 1795 - 1895
A Record of the Centenary Celbrations
   By the Most Rev. John Healy, D.D., LL.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1895,1896) - OL

* National University of Ireland. Act of Parliament, Charter and Statutes

   National University (Dublin, 1920) - OL


   - The Idea of a University - Defined and Illustrated
     In 9 discourses delivered to the Catholics of Dublin; in occasional lectures
     By John Henry Cardinal Newman (London, 1891) - OL
    - My Campaign in Ireland - Part I
     Catholic University Reports and other Papers
     By Cardinal Newman of the Oratory (for Private Circulation Only, Aberdeen, 1896) - OL

* Oxford Men and Their Colleges

   Scattered Irish references - those who were born, educated or took up office in Ireland
   By Joseph Foster (Oxford, 1893) - OL

The Queen's Colleges and the Royal University of Ireland
   By a Scholar of the Catholic University of Ireland (Dublin, 1883) - OL

The Queen's University Calendar - 1875
   Belfast, Cork and Galway
   The Queen's University in Ireland (Dublin, London, 1875) - IA

   for the Year 1901
   Royal College of Physicians in Ireland (Dublin, 1901) - OL

* Speech on... a Bill relating to University Education in Ireland
   By the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. (London, 1873) - OL

* UCD Ephemera Collection

   miscellaneous documents mostly relating to the university
   - IVRLA

University Calendar
   Michaelmas, 1857, includes list of Officers
   The Catholic University (Dublin? 1857) - IA

* University Education in Ireland

   By J. E. Cairnes, M.A. (London, 1866) - OL

* University Education in Ireland

   By the Rev. Samuel Haughton, M.D., F.R.S. (London, Dublin, 1868) - OL

* University Education in Ireland: A Retrospect and A Prospect

   By Richard F. Clarke, S.J. (London, 1890) - OL

Vital Records
Births, Marriages, Deaths
Marriage Settlements (NEW!)
Obituaries, Memorials
Wills, Deeds


See also: Church - Records; Irish Legal History - Disputed Inheritance Cases
General Register Office
Irish Genealogical Research Society Marriages Database
List of Adoption; Civil Registration links - CIGO website
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages 
Irish in Iowa - people of Irish nativity
* BARRINGTON: Barrington Marriages
   Appendix I (p. 302) of The Barringtons - A Family History
   By Amy Barrington (privately printed Dublin, 1917) - FHB

* BEAUFORT, EDGEWORTH: Monthly Journal of Births, Marriages and Deaths
   handwritten; including relatives, public figures etc.; also chronological list of Beauforts and others from 1700 to 1891
   By Unknown Beaufort (Ireland? 1891?) - TCD

Casualties of WWI
   Transcription from Freeman's Journal (Dublin, 1917) - A Little Bit of Ireland website

First Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Ireland 1864
   HMSO (Dublin, 1869) - HT

* Castlegregory, Co. Kerry: Handwritten Journal, 1846 - 1909

   with additional entries 1909 - 1915 by his son; family and general records of events especially deaths in the area
   By Timothy O'Flaherty (Castlegregory, Co. Kerry, 1846 - 1915) - FHB

* Hidden History? - The Law, the Archives and the General Register Office

   An investigation into access to historical records of births, deaths and marriages held by GRO
   By Emily O'Reilly, Ombudsman (Dublin, 2012) - Office of the Ombudsman website

Irish Marriages - Index to Walker's Hibernian Magazine
   - Vol I 1771 - 1812, Vol. I. A - J - Vol II 1771 - 1812, Vol. II. K - Z
   With an Appendix from the notes of Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster King of Arms, of the Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Anthologia Hibernica 1793 and 1794
   By Henry Farrar (75 copies only, London, 1897) - IA

* Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued
   by the Secretary of the Province of New York previous to 1784; many Irish names listed
   By order of Gideon J. Tucker, Secretary of State (Albany, 1860) - OL

* Old Vellum Roll - Marriage Certificate of Jacob Mark

   compiled for Jacob MarkDublin, 1746; son of Thomas Mark, and Rebekah Lancaster both of Dublin, late of England, Quakers; names of 80 witnesses; Extract from Genealogy of the Family of Mark or Marke
   By John Mark (Manchester, 1898) - OL

Weekly Returns of Births and Deaths in Dublin - 1878

   and Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Londonderry, Waterford, Galway and Sligo; statistical returns
   By Registrar General (Dublin, 1879) - IA

* BARRINGTON: Barrington Marriage Licence Bonds and Licences
   Appendix I (p. 305) of The Barringtons - A Family History
   By Amy Barrington (privately printed Dublin, 1917) - FHB

   - HUSSEY, BURKE: Marriage Articles of John Hussey and Laetitia Burke - 1760
   - HUSSEY, LEYNS: Marriage Settlement of Thomas Hussey and Ismay Leyns, 1652
   - WALSH, WALSH: Pierce Walsh's Articles of Agreement on his Daughter's Marriage with Robert Walsh - 1672
   from 'Fragmenta Genealogica' - Vol VI
   By Frederick Arthur Crisp (50 copies at my Private Press, London, 1901) - IA

* TAYLOR, NIXON: Taylor and Nixon

   with short pedigree; from 'Fragmenta Genealogica' - Vol XI
   By Frederick Arthur Crisp (100 copies at my Private Press, London, 1906) - IA

For Quaker obituaries - see Journals 'The Annual Monitor'
* Annotated Obituary
  in 'The Heraldic Register'
   by J. Bernard Burke, Esq. (London, 1850) - OL

* BLOOD-SMITH: Death of Ireland's Oldest Solicitor
   Arthur J. Blood-Smith
   Limerick Leader (Limerick, 1960) - LCC

* CASSERLY: In Memoriam - Eugene Casserly
   Journalist, Lawyer, United States Senator; b. Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, 1820
   Memorial Committee (San Francisco, 1883) - OL

* FITZGERALD: Gerald FitzGerald, 5th Duke of Leinster

   inserted in 'Index of Wills of the Diocese of Kildare'
   The Times (London, 1893) - FHB - Gerald FitzGerald in: Wikipedia

Hardwicke's Annual Biography for 1856

   memoirs of celebrated characters who have died
   CLEMENTS, Nathaniel, 2nd Earl of Leitrim at Killadoon, Celbridge, Co. Kildare
   O'NEILL, John Richard Bruce, Viscount O'Neill at Shane's Castle
   PONSONBY, John, 1st Viscount and 2nd Baron Ponsonby of Imokilly, Co. Cork
   BERESFORD, John, 2nd Lord Decies
   HAMILTON, Gustavus, Viscount Boyne
   HEWITT, James, Viscount Lifford
   PONSONBY, William Francis Spencer, Lord de Mauley
   SYDNEY-SMYTHE, Percy Clinton, Viscount Strangford
   PROBY, John, Earl of Carysfort
   ALEXANDER, James Dupre, Earl of Caledon
   O'BRYEN, James, 3rd Marquis of Thomond
   M'DONNELL, Hugh Seymour, 7th Earl of Antrim
   VESEY,John, 2nd Visount de Vesci
   KEANE, Sir Richard, 2nd Baronet of Capoquin House, Co. Waterford
   POWER, Sir John, 1st Baronet of Sampton, Co. Wexford, eminent distiller in Dublin
   BELLEW, Sir Michael Dillon, 1st Baronet, of Greenville Lodge Rathmines
   CHATTERTON, Sir William Abraham, 2nd Baronet of Castle Mahon, Co. Cork
   O'CONOR, Rear Admiral Sir Richard, of Cork
   EUSTACE, Colonel Sir William Cornwallis, commander of the forces in Ireland
   EKINS, Admiral Sir Charles, son of the late Bishop of Dromore
   BOURKE, Sir Richard, at Thornfield, Castle Connell, Co. Limerick
   memoirs of celebrated characters who have died during the year 1855, 1856
   HARE, Right Hon. William, Earl of Listowel
   DIGBY, Edward, Baron
   TALBOT, Right Hon. Bertram Arthur, Earl of Shrewsbury, also Earl of Wexford and Waterford, Lord High Steward of Ireland
   MAUDE, Right Hon. Cornwallis, Viscount Hawarden
   BERNARD, Right Hon. James, of Castle Bernard, Earl of Bandon
   POTTINGER, Right Hon. Sir Henry, G.C.B. at Malta, son of Eldred Curwen Pottinger, Esq. of Mount Pottinger, Co. Down
   TIERNEY, Sir Edward Tierney, Bart. late Crown Solicitor for the North-western circuit of Ireland
   DAWSON, Right Hon. George Robert, eldest son of the late Mr. Arthur Dawson of Castle Dawson, county of Londonderry
   LALOR, Patrick, Esq. magistrate, M.P., at Tinnakill, Queen's County
   DAWSON DAMER, Right Hon. George Lionel, C.B., for many years M.P. for Portarlington and Dorchester, heir-presumptive to the present Earl of Portarlington, assumed the name Darmer on the death of his aunt, Lady Caroline Damer
   FOX, Richard Maxwell, M.P. for county of Longford, accelerated by the shock caused by the death of his son who was drowned whilst on a boating excursion
   FITZSIMON, Christopher, Esq., Clerk of the Hanaper in Ireland, formerly M.P. for Co. Dublin, son-in-law of the late Daniel O'Connell
   MACNAMARA, Colonel William Nugent, M.P. for Co. Clare, at Ennistymon
   De MOYELNS: Major Edward Charles, R.E., eldest son of Thomas De Moleyns, Esq., one of he Majesty's council in Ireland
   BLYTH, Lieutenant Charles, Killybegs Coast Guard station
   EUSTACE, Rev. Charles, heir and representative of the last Viscount Baltinglass
   M'KAFFERTY, Very Rev. Dean William, parish priest of Donagh and R.C. Dean of Derry, at Priest-town, near Carn
   MOORE, Rev. Henry, Rector of Kilbride and Ferns, heir-presumptive to the earldom of Drogheda
   RYAN, Rev. Matthew, a native of Waterford, Abbot of Mount Melleray
   MURPHY, Right Rev. Lawrence, D.D., R.C. Bishop of Cloyne
   MATHEW, Father Theobald, at Queenstown, Cork, known as the 'Apostle of Temperance'
   O'CALLAGHAN, Thaddeus, Esq., solicitor, assassinated near Portuman, Co. Galway, having ejected some of the tenants at his property at Ballinruane
   TORRENS, Mr. Justice, at Darrynoid Lodge, Co. Londonderry
   BENNETT, George, Esq., Q.C., in retirement at his country seat in Salop. father of the Munster bar
   HAYDN, Mr. Joseph, compiler of works of reference
   LALOR, John, Esq., parliamentary reporter, writer
   WELD, Isaac, Esq. at Ravenswell, Bray, Co. Dublin, hon. sec. Royal Dublin Society
   HITCHCOCK, Richard, Esq., archaeologist, at Roundtown, near Dublin; bur. Mount Jerome
   MAGAWLY, Valerio Count Magawly Ceratti, Inspector-General of Prisons at Parma, Italy, at the hand of an assassin, and late of Temora, King's County; noticed in Burke's Peerage
   USSHER, Margaret, at Mount Ussher, Monkstown, Co. Dublin
   nee CUFFE, Grace, Countess of Farnham, dau. of Thomas Cuffe, Esq., of Grange, Co. Kilkenny
   De VERE, Dowager Lady, dau. of Stephen Edward Rice of Mount Trenchard, Co. Limerick
   GORE, Hon. Mrs. George, widow of the late Dean of Kallalo, 3rd wife
   O'CALLAGHAN, Hon. George, brother of Cornelius, 1st. Viscount and 2nd Baron Lismore, deceased
   HARVEY, Lady Honora Elizabeth Hester, dau. of 7th Earl of Cavan, [Richard Ford William Lambart], widow of Captain G. F. Harvey
   KELLY, Mrs. Sarah, successful suitor in the property case of Kelly v. Shewles, foully murdered while out walking on her grounds; she had been seduced by an Irishman, Mr. Meredyth, who left her with child, she successfully sued him for £3,000; she then mar. an old man Edmund Kelly, a land-agent and solicitor of fabulous wealth who died leaving her property sworn under £250,000; the stamp duty on her will is something under £25,000
   By Edward Walford, M.A. (London, 1856, 1857) - OL - For more Walford titles see Nobility and Landed GentryEarl of Cavan in: WikipediaFor Magawly see Mac Amhlaoibh and Mac Amhalghaidgh (Irish Septs) in Wikipedia

* HARVEY: Obituary Notices of some Members of the Harvey Family
   Attached to 'A Journal of a Voyage from Philadelphia to Cork in 1809' by Margaret B. Harvey
   By George Newenham Harvey, Merchant, Cork (Collected and Printed for Private Circulation Only (Cork, 1863) - OL

* HINGSTON: Major Richard William George Hingston, M.C.

   author, naturalist, member of the 1924 Everest expedition; d. Passage West, Co. Cork, 1966
   4 Obituaries (Dublin, 1966) - TCD

* HURLEY: Denis M. Hurley (Late Representative from New York)
   b. Limerick, 1843; Memorial Addresses, House of Representatives
   By Various authors (Washington, 1907) - OL

* Index of Obituary Notices for the Years 1880 - 1882
   some of Irish interest
   By The Index Society (London, 1884) - OL

* MULREADY: Memorials of William Mulready, R.A.
   By Frederic G. Stephens (1890) - IA

* Obituaries

   extract from Cork and County Cork in the Twentieth Century
   By Rev Richard J. Hodges (Brighton, 1911) - Cork Past and Present - Cork City Council

Obituaries, Death Notices, Inquest Reports, Funeral Reports, etc.

   Births and Marriages can also be view but are not indexed
   From the Limerick Chronicle (Limerick, 1851 - 1907) - LCC

Obituary ...England, Scotland and Ireland - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI
   Prior to 1800. Publications of The Harleian Society Vol XLIX
   By Sir William Musgrave, 6th Bart., (1899 - 1901) - IA

* O'CALLAGHAN: A Memorial to John O'Callaghan

   Newspaper man, chief organiser of the United Irish League in New York; b. Killavullen, Mallow, Co. Cork, 1865; emigrated 1887
   By O'Callaghan Memorial Committee (Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts, 1918) - OL

* QUINN: Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Terrence J. Quinn

   (A Representative from New York) Born in Albany, New York of Irish parentage
   By Order of Congress (Washington, 1879) - OL

   Late U.S. Senator from Texas; son of John Rusk, stone-mason who emigrated from Ireland
   By John Hemphill (Austin, 1857) - OL

* SILLIN: A Slight Tributary Notice to the Memory of Samuel S. Sillin

   d. Patrick Street, Cork, 1847; extract from 'An Olla Podrida; or, Scraps Numismatic, Antiquarian, and Literary - Vol II'
   By R.S. - Richard Sainthill (London, 1853) - OL

Who Was Who

   A Companion to "Who's Who" containing the biographies of those who died 1897-1916
   A and C Black (London, 1920) - IA


9,000 Soldiers' Wills - The National Archives of Ireland 'Genealogy' website
Bona Vacantia - List of people who died in England without leaving a will - some Irish names - official website
Frequently Asked Questions - Wills and Probate - PRONI Guide
Search Will Calendars at PRONI
Wills listed in the Irish Emigration Database
* Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1630 - 1655
   Transcription of Irish records on 'A Litttle Bit of Ireland'
   By Unknown Author (London, 1902 - 1906) - Website

Ancient Irish Deeds and Writings

   ...from the twelfth to the seventeenth century, with translations...
   By James Hardiman, Esq., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1826) - IA

* BARTER: Necrology. Richard Barter, Sculptor

   Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By Thomas Crosbie (Cork, 1892) - OL

* BLACKALL: Will of Blackall - 1788
  John Blackall of Englishtown, Co. Armagh; also Vincent and Blackall Wills (previous page); from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV, 3rd Series
   By Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL

* BOULTER: Will 19 November 1729 of Dr. Hugh Boulter, Archbishop of Armagh

   from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica
   Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1876) - OL 

* BUTLER: Testamentary Records of the Butler Families in Ireland
   By Rev. Wallace Clare, F.S.G. (Printed Privately - 105 copies only, Peterborough, 1932) - IA

 * Calendars of Wills and Administrations 1858 - 1920
   Introduction - Search
   By the National Archives of Ireland (Dublin, 2013) - NAI

* Calendar of Grants of Probate of Wills 1923 - 1982

   and Letters of Administration made in the Principal Registry and its District Registries
   National Archives of Ireland (Dublin, 1923 - 1982) - Index to annual (large!) files on CIGO website

* Calendars of Grants of Probate of Wills and Letters of Administration 1922 - 1982 available online

   Introduction - Search Guide - Search
   By the National Archives (Dublin, 2012) - NAI

Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Limerick

   (Limerick, ?) - LCC

A Copy of Register of Deeds in County Donegal

   Typed verbatim by Miss R. MacDaid (Donegal, 1935) - AAI - Short review of this book on AAI

* DOAK: Will Proved for John Doak, Kinallen, Co. Down, 1788

   Transcription Irish Emigration Database

* DUNLAP: Will of John Dunlap, Strabane, Co. Londonderry, Saddler, 1780

   Transcription Irish Emigration Database

* ERWIN: Administration of Will

   Jane Erwin alias Bury of Skibbereen, 1722-3
   from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV 3rd Series
   Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D. F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL 

* Extracts from Original Wills

   Formerly preserved in the Consistorial Office, Cashel, but now removed to the Court of Probate, Waterford; The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858 - 1859
   By John Davis White, Esq. (Dublin, 1859) - OL

The Fifty-Sixth Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records - 1931
   includes lists of Wills, Probates, etc. received by the Office in 1928
   The Stationery Office (Dublin, 1931) - FHB - 'Brief Catalog of the Contents of the Index to the Reports of the Deputy Keeper of Records of Ireland' - www.familysearch.org

* FOLEY: Will of John Henry Foley - Sculptor of the O'Connell Monument

   extract from 'Report of the O'Connell Monument Committee'; b. Dublin 1818
   By Very Rev. John Canon O'Hanlon, P.P. (Dublin, 1888) - OL - John Henry Foley in: Wikipedia

* FRENCH: Will of Geoffrey French of Galway, A.D. 1528

   Journal of the Galway Archaeological Society
   By Martin J. Blake (Galway, 1903?) - OL


   - Goddard Wills
     some Irish wills and some with Irish beneficiaries
     By Rainald W. Knightley Goddard in: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (London, 1912) - IA

* HAMILTON: Will of Otho Hamilton
   1770 Prerogative Court; I Otho Hamilton of the City of Waterford [Ireland] Esq. Lieutenant-Governor of the Town and Garrison of Placentia, Newfoundland... quoted in 'Lt.-Col Otho Hamilton of Olivestob'
   By Rev. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, B. A. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1899) - OL

* A Guide to Copies and Abstracts of Irish Wills

   Ed. by Rev. Wallace Clare (England, 1930; Reprint Baltimore, Maryland 1972) - FHB

* IGARFORD, CAPERLY, BUTLER: Deed of John Broderick of Richmound
   whose wife Dorothy Igarford is the heir of William Igarford sometime of Dublin, and Jane her mother was heir of Edward Caperly of the same kingdome; sealed with our seales the xxvii day of Septembr. 31 Henr. 8 (1517); from 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' - Vol II
   By Joseph Jackson Howard (London, 1876) - OL

* Index to Ardagh Wills

   Supplement to the Irish Ancestor; covers parts of Counties Longford, Leitrim, Westmeath, Cavan, Roscommon, Sligo
   By Rosemary ffolliott (Dublin, 1971) - FHB

* Indexes to Irish Wills - Vol I

   Ossory, Leighlin, Ferns, Kildare
   By W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L. (London, 1909) - FHB
* Indexes to Irish Wills - Vol II
   Cork and Ross, Cloyne
   By W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L. (London, 1910) - website
* Indexes to Irish Wills - Vol III
   Cashel and Emly, Waterford and Lismore, Killaloe and Kilfenora, Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe
   Edited by Gertrude Thrift (London, 1913) - FHB - Vols. IV and V not found

Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland

   By Sir Arthur Edward Vicars (Dublin, 1897) - OL

* Index to the Wills of the Diocese of Kildare

   in the Public Record Office of Ireland
   Ed by Sydney Cary (Reprint from the 'Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society Vol IV, No. 6, Dublin, 1905) - FHB

* Index to Wills Proved in the Court of the Chancellor of the University of Oxford

   1337 - 1858; including Thomas Heth, an Irishman, 1504; possibly James O'Lonan, 1443 and perhaps others?
   By Rev. John Griffiths, M.A. (Oxford 1862) - FHB

Index of Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1383 - 1558 - Vol II - 
1558 - 1583 - Vol III - 1584 - 1604 - Vol IV
   - Digory Hix, d. in Ireland 1600
   - Nicholas Apley, citty of Corke, 1603
   - John Barkley, Kt. 1602
   - Richard Bingham, Kt., Connaught Tower, Athlone, 1599
   - Capt. Randall Brett, 1599
   - Serjeant Major Thomas Brett, 1597
   - Thomas Boucke Buck, St. Maryes, Lymericke, 1590
   - William Clavell, Corcke, 1601
   - Sir Coineris, Clifford, Kt., Governor of Connaught,1600
   - Sir Anthony Colclough, Kt., Tintern, Wexford, 1587
   - Roger Dalton, Knockmoan, Waterford, 1597
   - Edwarde Digges, Serieaunte Major H.M.'s Army, 1603
   - Richard Evers, 1600
   - Nicholas Harris, Rosse, 1593
   - Robert Harvey, a gentleman serving under Sir Thomas German, 1599
   - Richard Hassall Hasell, 1600
   - Augustine Heathe, Lifford, 1601
   - Thomas Lyne, Colbegge, 1589
   - Simon Mericke, gent., 1599
   - Roberte Morley, 1602
   - Christopher Mortimer, Castelton in the Baronye of Slemarig, Queenes Countie als. Leix, 1589
   - John Parson, late of Kelles, 1598
   - Walter Smyth Smith, 1599
   - Ellyn Towars Towers, Widow, Waterford, 1586
   - Sir Edward Waterhous Waterhouse, Kt., Thoemond, Sainct Pulchers, 1591
   - Daniel Whiting, 1602
   - Sir Thomas Wingfeilde, Kt., 1601
   - Roger Wright, 1597
   - 1605 - 1619 - Vol V - 1620 - 1629 - Vol VI - 1657 - 1660 - Vol VIII - 1671 - 1675 - Vol IX - 1686 - 1693 - Vol XI - 1694 - 1700 - Vol XII
   Ed. by Edward Alexander Fry; E. Stokes; Thomas M. Blagg, M.B.E., F.S.A.; S. A. Smith, M.D., Leland L. Duncan, F.S.A., John Ainsworth, M.A., F.R.Hist.S, C. Harold Ridge, F.S.A., The British Record Society, Ltd. (London;  1893 - 1960, reprints Nendeln, Liechtenstein, 1968) - FHB, OL - Vols I, VII, X not found

* PARSONS: Notes on Families and Individuals of the name of "Parsons"

   ...an endeavour to trace the Pedigree of Richard Parsons of Carrigogunnell, County Limerick; who with his brothers William and Joseph, were resident in the Counties of Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh in A.D. 1700, and thereabouts. Calendar of Wills
   By _________ Parsons (London, 1903) - FHB

Register of Wills and Inventories of the Diocese of Dublin

   in the time of Archbishops Tregury and Walton 1457 - 1483
   By Henry F. Berry, M.A. T.C.D. (Dublin, 1898) - OL

* Registry of Deeds Dublin Abstracts of Wills - Vol I - 1708 – 1745 - 
Vol II - 1746 – 1785 - Vol III - 1785 – 1832
   By Eilish Ellis and P. Beryl Eustace (1954–84) - IMC

* SAVAGE: The Savage Familly Wills, Dublin, 1643 - 1808

   Transcriptions Irish Emigration Database

* SIRR: Wills

   Major Joseph Sirr, 1800, Diocese of Dublin; Major Henry Charles Sirr, 1841, Prerogative Court, Dublin; from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV, 3rd Series
   By Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL

* STURROCK: Prerogative Will, 1814, William Sturrock, LL.D. Archdeacon of Armagh

   Transcription made in 1909 - Stewart Genealogy - Irish Emigration Database

* SURR: Will of Christopher Surr 1668 Diocese of Tuam

   Sheriff of Galway; from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol. V 3rd Series
   By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1904) - OL

* VINCENTWills of Vincent

   Richard Vincent, Rector of Donamore, Co. Tyrone - will 1774; Richard Vincent 1788; also Pedigree of Vincent and Blackall; from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol IV, 3rd Series
   By Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1902) - OL

   of Thomas Walker, Esq. of Belgriffin Park, Co. Dublin; worth upwards of £250,000; extracted from 'Pictorial Times' 1843
   By William John Fitz-Patrick Notes and Queries 2nd Series, No. 5 (London, 1856) - IA

* Wills and Their Whereabouts

   being a revision and extension of the previous work by B. G. Bouwens; short section on Ireland
   By Anthony J. Camp (B.A. (Hons.) (Pub for Society of Genealogists, Caterbury, 1963) - FHB


* ANNESLEY, BOURKE: Annesley and Bourke Families
   Book of Common Prayer printed 1677
   By B.H.B. in The Genealogist Vol III (London, 1879) - IA

* BLACKER: Blacker Family

   Children of: Latham Blacker, Esq. of Rathescar, Co. Louth; Stewart Blacker, Esq. of Carrick, Co. Armagh
  By B.H.B. in The Genealogist Vol III (London, 1879) - IA

 * CASH, SUPPLE: Leaves from Family Bibles - Family of Cash, Supple, etc.

   The Pedigree Register Vol II (London, 1910 - 1913) - OL

* DALLAS: Bible belonging to Lachlan Dallas

   incl. Marmaduke Dallas in Cork
   By James Dallas in The Genealogist Vol III (London, 1879) - IA

1908 Electoral Rolls - Electoral Lists (1939 - 1940) - DublinHeritage.ie
* City of Dublin Election - March 1857 - List of Voters and for whom they Voted
   Candidates: Ald. John Reynolds, Francis William Brady, Edward Grogan, John Vance
   Pub. by Browne and Nolan (Dublin 1857) - HT

* Hely-Hutchinson Cork Electors MS
   1783 Election
   Cork City and County Archives

* Intimidation at Parliamentary Elections: Carlow 1835
   By Brendan Hall - website

American Committee for Relief in Ireland and Irish White Cross - Reports
   President Harding's Endorsement, Vice-President Coolige's Endorsement. Lists of members in each State etc.
   By The Committee (New York, 1920) - OL

Analytical Ethnology: The Mixed Tribes in Great Britain and Ireland Examined

   and the political, physical and metaphysical blunderings on the Celt and the Saxon exposed
   By Richard Tuthill Massy, M.D., L.R.C.S.I., etc. (London, 1855) - OL

* The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons,  and Ornaments, of Great Britain and Ireland

   By John Evans, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., etc. (London, 1881) - OL

* Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin

   From its Opening in 1821 to its Destruction by Fire 1880
   By R. M. Levey, J. O'Rorke (Dublin, 1880) - OL

The Banquet of Dun na n-Gedh and The Battle of Magh Rath

   an ancient historical tale
   translation and notes by John O'Donovan (Dublin, 1842) - OL

The Book of the Rotunda Hospital

   An Illustrated History of the Dublin Lying-In Hospital from its Foundation in 1743 to the Present Time
   By T. Percy C. Kirkpatrick, M.D., M.R.I.A.; Edited by Hery Jellett, M.D., F.R.C.P.I. (London, 1913) - OL

* Calendar of Documents relating to Ireland 1171-1251
   preserved in H.M's Public Record Office, London
   Ed. By  H. S. Sweetman, B.A. (London, 1875) - HT

   preserved in the Publisc Record Office
   Ed. By Robert Pentland Mahaffy, B.A. (London, 1903) - HT

Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V
   Essays on a variety of topics
   By Lieut. Col. Charles Vallancey (Dublin, 1786 - 1790) - IA

* Descriptive Catalogue of the Contents of The Irish Manuscript commonly called 'The Book of Fermoy'

   15th century legendary and mythological tales; historical and bardic poems on the O'Connors, the O'Keeffes of Fermoy, the Mac Carthy, Roche and other families of the south of Ireland
   By James Henthorn Todd, D.D., F.S.A.L., E. (Dublin, 1868) - OL

* Extractions Incident to Tenures in Ireland

   deeds of the Barrys, lords of Olethan and Orrery; from 'Topographer and Genealogist' - Vol III
   By James F. Ferguson (London, 1858) - OL

* The Gaelic Union

   for the preservation and cultivation of The Irish Language; list of Officers, Council and Corresponding Members
   By the Union (Dublin, 1882) - Université Rennes 2

* Gleanings from Irish Manuscripts

   By Rev. Paul Walsh, M.A. (2nd Ed. Dublin, 1933) - OL

* The Hibernian Patriot

   Being a Collection of the Drapier's Letters to the People of Ireland concerning Wood's Brass Half-Pence
   By Worthington G. Ford, Poems and Songs by Jonathan Swift (Dublin, 1730) - OL

The History of the Royal Irish Constabulary

   By Robert Curtis, County Inspector, R.I.C. (Dublin, 1871)

Hospital Records in the National Archives of Ireland

   extract from Journal of the Irish Society for Archives
   By Brian Donnelly (Dublin, 2008) - National Archives of Ireland website

Index register to next of kin, heirs at law and cases of unclaimed money advertisements in Great Britain, the Colonies, India, America, France, Germany, Ireland, and all parts of the world

   By F. H. Dougal and Co., London (London, 1904) - OL

Irish Antiquarian Researches - Part I - Part II
   By Sir William Betham, F.S.A., L.S., M.R.I.A., A.R.S., Z.S., Ulster King of Arms of All Ireland (Dublin, 1827) - IA

Irish Ethnology - Socially and Politically Considered;

   embracing a general outline of the Celtic and Saxon Races
   By George Ellis, M.B., T.C.D. (Dublin, 1852) - OL

Irish Local Legends

   Irish Folklore
   By Lageniensis (John Canon O'Hanlon) (Dublin, 1896) - OL

* Irish Poets, Historians, and Judges in English Documents 1538 - 1615

   By Thomas F. O'Rahilly (Dublin, 1922) - OL

Irish Race Convention - Dublin 1898

   Lists of Delegates, etc.
   Printed for the Irish National Federation (Dublin, 1896) - OL

* Letters Written from Abroad in the Years 1845 - 1846

   by the late Elizabeth (R) Barrington to her cousin in Ireland from Rome and Naples
   Ed. by Richard Barrington (Dublin, 1870) - Bodlian Library, Oxford

List of High Sheriffs appointed for 1770
   Extract from 'The Gentleman's and London Magazine (Dublin, Feb, 1770) - OL

Old Irish Life
   By J. M. Callwell (Edinburgh, London, 1912) - OL

   includes a poem on the Genealogy of the Kings of Munster and Genealogy of the Race of Eibhear
   with Translation and Notes by John O'Donovan, Esq., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1847) - OL

* John O'Donovan / William Reeves Correspondence
   106 items mostly between John O'Donovan, scholar and William Reeves who became Church of Ireland Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore
    - IVRLA

* Monumenta Historica Celtica - Vol. I
   Notices of the Celts in the writing of the Greek and Latin authors from the 10th century B.C., to the 5th Century A.D.
   By W. Dinan, M.A. (London, 1911) - OL

Personal Reminiscences
   part of the Bric-A-Brac Series
   By John O'Keeffe, Michael Kelly, John Taylor (New York, 1875) - OL

   Address of His Grace...; Lecture by Leone Levi...
   By Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (Dublin, 1851) - IA

   with Pictures of the Irish Capital in the Eighteenth Century
   By J. Fitzgerald Molloy (London, 1897) - OL

* Seventy Years of Irish Life
   being Anecdotes and Reminiscences
   By W. R. Le Fanu (New York, 1893) - OL

* Specimens of Irish Eloquence
   with Biographical Notices; Mr. Burke, Mr. Curran, Mr. Grattan, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Burrowes, Mr. Bushe, Mr. Plunket, Mr. Flood
   By Charles Phillips, Esq. (London, 1819) - OL

* Towards Policies for Ireland's Heritage

   The Provision of Genealogical Services in Ireland
   By An Chomhairle Oidhreachta - The Heritage Council (Dublin, 2000) - website

* Tracts Relating to Ireland - Vol I - Vol II

   Printed for the Irish Archaeological Society (Dublin, 1841) - OL

* The Triads of Ireland

   By Kuno Meyer, Ph.D. (Dublin, 1906) - OL

* Types of Celtic Life and Art
   By F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock, M.A. (Dublin, 1906) - OL

Unionist Convention for the Provinces of Leinster, Munster and Connaught
   ...Lists of Committees, Delegates, etc, Dublin, 1892
   By Unknown author (Dublin, 1892) - IA

World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

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